Moogle_X - Equip Skill System Not rated

Version: 1.46

Author: Moogle_X

Adds equip skill system mechanic to actors.

Tags Moogle_X Equip Skill

Galvs Magic Shards Not rated

Version: 1.0.0

Author: Galv

A system that allows players to equip their characters with magic.

Tags Scene Actors Visual

Sleipnir Mapping Overlay System Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: Soul

A plugin designed to aid mappers on Parallax Mapping and Map Design.What does it do?

Tags parallax mapping map effects

HimeWorks - Custom Death States Not rated

Version: Latest

Author: HimeWorks

Additional states that should be considered "death" which will be used to trigger battle defeat or game over.

Tags himeworks states gameover death actors enemies

Message Sound Effect Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: Soul

Plays a sound effect while the message is rolling when displaying a message.

Tags audio utility message sound effects

HimeWorks - Enemy Reinforcements Not rated

Version: Latest

Author: HimeWorks

Allows you to summon more enemies into the current battle using event commands.

Tags himeworks enemies troops battles summons

EST - RegionMapLoader Not rated

Version: v1.0

Author: estriole

Replace map data you mark with region with other map data

Tags build decor region map transform replace

EST - Build And Decor EX Not rated

Version: v1.1

Author: estriole

you can have 'decoration' item that you can place to customize your map

Tags build decor event item

Random VFX for Skills Not rated

Version: 2015-11-16

Author: Ellye

Allows skills to have multiple possible animations

Tags Graphical Animations Battle

OrangeLighting Not rated

Version: Latest

Author: Hudell

Adds some light effects to your game

Tags Orange Hudell Light Night Day Flashlight Latern