ZE - Key Mapper 3.5 / 5


ZE Key Mapper allows you to use the full keyboard in your game. Rebindable keys will be available in the future.

Tags Full Keyboard Keyboard wasd movement change controls controls input

This plugin allows the game developer to configure how each key interacts with the game. Keys are now checked by using strings, rather than Ruby's symbols, so changing each key is as easy as changing a parameter in the plugin's configuration.

Rebinding the keys is a planned feature, but it's currently unknown when that will be finished.

Available versions
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

User reviews (2)

Sorcerer 5

11/11/2018 04:28:04

@Philsco not sure what you mean by Core Keys the Plugin is easy to setup and change the key binding

Philsco 2

10/01/2017 04:26:54

Can't remap the core keys...makes it kind of useless.