Forge Not rated

Version: v1.12a

Author: TWings

Improve weapons using a blacksmith

Characters List Not rated

Version: 1.23

Author: TWings

Create a list of characters window menu

HPDS Throwable Not rated

Version: 1.1.0

Author: hpds

This plugin lets you make events that can be thrown by the game player

HPDS Throwable Not rated

Version: 1.1.0

Author: hpds

Throw your events using the HPDS Throwable tag.

Tags throw toss

BO_Shops Not rated

Version: 1.3

Author: BurningOrca

Various functionality around shops

Tags Shops Limited Stock Goods Availability Customization Discounts

BO_SortingOptions Not rated

Version: 1.2

Author: BurningOrca

Sort Items, Skills and Shop Goods to your liking

Tags Item Sort Skill Sort Customizable Shop Goods Sort

Move Picture - Extended Not rated

Version: 1.0.0

Author: Galenmereth

Allows the use of variables and relative values together with Move Picture events, using a simple Plugin Command syntax

zHUD.js Not rated

Version: 0.8

Author: p0_boy

A Zelda-esque HP HUD Plug-In

Tags Zelda RPG Maker MV HUD zHUD dismal_science__ Caethyril RMMV HP

ICF-Soft Skill Core Not rated

Version: 1.00

Author: ICF-Soft

Custom skill conditions, costs and variations.

Tags Skills Variations Conditions ICFSoft

BlacksmithPluginManager Not rated

Version: v0.2.1

Author: Saelorable

Plugin download and dependancy management tool.