8 Directions Graphics 1 / 5

Version: 1.0

Author: orcomarcio

Allows to use character sprites with also the 4 diagonal directions

Tags graphics movement

WaitForVideoEndFix Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: orcomarcio

Fixes the bug where the event continues his instructions before the video finished playing

Tags fix video

Refresh Manager Not rated

Version: 1.1.0

Author: biud436

allows you to change the status of specific plugin.

Tags RefreshManager

Galvs Roll Credits Not rated

Version: 1.0.0

Author: Galv

A separate scene to display a series of scrolling or fading text over background images designed to be used for credits.

Tags Credits scene

Picture Motion 5 / 5

Version: 1.0

Author: Soul

Creates a set of frame by frame animation based on counters.

Tags Graphical Utility Soulpour777

Sequence Message Bust Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: Soul

Allows you to show animated message busts.

Tags Message System Soulpour777

DKTools Full Input Not rated

Version: 3.0

Author: DK

All keys of the keyboard and gamepad

Tags DK DKPlugins DK Plugins Input Keyboard Gamepad Left stick Right stick Control

Elevation Fix Not rated

Version: 1.0.0

Author: Shaz

Prevents interaction with events at a different elevation to the player

Tales of Vesperia Custom Menu System Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: Soul

This plugin converts your default menu to the Tales of Vesperia Menu Style.

Tags Custom Menu System CMS Custom Scenes

Sneeze Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: Soul

This plugin allows you to do the Sneeze technique of Chupon / Typhon.

Tags Battle Add On