BSD_OtherIconSet.js Not rated

Version: 1.1

Author: bsides

You can replace the default IconSet for those places where a larger icon image appears in Yanfly's plugins ItemCore and ShopMenuCore

Tags iconset yanfly other iconset

Battle Engine Lotus 1 / 5

Version: 1.0

Author: Soul

An interactive Front View Battle System (Phantasy Star and RMXP Battle Style)

Tags Battle System Battle Engine

No Item Categories Not rated

Version: 1.0.0

Author: Shaz

Removes category list from Item menu

ICF-Soft Time Utility Not rated

Version: 1.05

Author: ICF-Soft

This plugin stores date and time in game variables accesible by map events.

Tags Utility Time Timers MultiTimers Events ICFSoft

Custom Game Over Not rated

Version: 1.3

Author: McKathlin

Change what happens when the party dies or Game Over is called.

Tags Game Over common event utility death revive scene control Scene_Gameover

Al Bhed Language Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: Soul

This plugin allows you to emulate the Al Bhed Language of the Al Bhed People. What is Al Bhed Language? The Al Bhed language is spoken by the Al Bhed people. Working like a substitution cipher (a language system replacing certain letters with others), it

Tags Messaging Utility Encryption

Confusion Fix Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: Soul

When you are stricken by the confusion state, you only do one action, which is you just Attack. You can confirm this if you check the Game Action. This plugin fixes that problem, where you can assign Attack, Guard, Wait, or any other skill you want to cre

Tags Battle Add Ons Battle Mechanic

Forget Skills on Class Change Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: Soul

Does it ever come to you when you want to forget all the skills when you change classes? Well, this plugin does just that effect.

Tags Class System Utility Skills

Retain Level on Class Change Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: Soul

Whenever you change class, it feels like a cheat when you change class and return to level 1 after so much time grinding for experience when you are on the other level. I don’t like that. This snippet plugin allows you to retain your level when you change

Tags System Utility Classes

Turn and Move 5 / 5

Version: 1.0

Author: Soul

In the Pokemon games, it allows you to turn to the direction first before you actually move to that certain direction. This plugin emulates that certain effect.

Tags Movement System utility Gameplay utility