KageDesu ATBS Not rated

Version: 1.0.202

Author: Pheonix KageDesu

Active Time Battle System

Tags Battle System ATBS KageDesu

YR New Parameters Not rated

Version: 1.03

Author: YoraeRasante

Allows you to add customizeable new custom params to your actors and enemies.

Tags params custom custom stats stats custom params

Localization Not rated

Version: 4.4.0

Author: DK

Localization of game

Tags DK DKTools DKPlugins Localization Languages

Gold and Token Window Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: apocalympsegaming1992

Displays a window showing gold count & variable count that you can use as casino tokens

Tags window map gold variable icons token casino

HPCC-Addon for YEP_AbsorbtionBarrier Not rated

Version: 1.0.0-20180409

Author: AceOfAces

Adds support for the HP Color Control on Yanfly's Absorbtion Barrier.

HPCC-Addon to YEP_X_VisualHPBars Not rated

Version: 1.1.0-20180409

Author: AceOfAces

Adds support for the HP Color Controler on Yanfly's Visual HP Bars.

HP Color Controller Not rated

Version: 1.4.0-20180409

Author: AceOfAces

Allows developers to customise the HP bar and text Color depending on the remaining HP.

Basic Menu Script Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: apocalympsegaming1992

This is just a simple menu to include basic commands such as (Resume, Options, Quit). You can also have a custom background if you'd like.

Tags menu basic background picture gold

Pretty Sleek Gauges Not rated

Version: 1.0

Author: mjshi

Show actor and enemy HP bars in a flashy way! Supports enemy hp and mp gauges.

Tags enemy hp bar gauge sleek gauges pretty sleek gauges

Save Screen Tint Not rated

Version: 1.00

Author: Shaz

Lets you save the current screen tint and later restore it

Tags map events