SSG Item Sort Not rated

Version: 1.0.1

Author: Heartbreak61

Sort your items, equipments, and skills to your liking

SSG Map Reference Event Not rated

Version: 1.2.1

Author: Heartbreak61

Set events from current or another map as reference and use them across all of your maps.

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Turn Not rated

Version: v0.00a

Author: DoubleX

Lets users multiply the max turn unit by the number of battlers

Tags Active Time Battle ATB

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB SE Not rated

Version: v0.00a

Author: DoubleX

Lets users add SE to be played when battlers become able to act

Tags Active Time Battle ATB

Galvs Cam Control Not rated

Version: 1.1.0

Author: Galv

Enables more control over the game camera focus

Tags Map Camera

Weapon Proficiency 2 / 5

Version: 0.1.1

Author: whitesphere

Can change armor and weapon effectiveness, by type, for each Actor or Class

State Change Animations Not rated

Version: Latest

Author: HimeWorks

Plays an animation when a state is added or removed.

Tags himeworks states animations actors enemies

Enemy Classes Not rated

Version: Latest

Author: HimeWorks

Allows you to assign a class to an enemy. Parameters and actions available are determined by enemy class and levels.

Tags himeworks enemies classes

Izys Fast Face Not rated

Version: 1.01

Author: izyees

If you want to show the actor face in message box you need to defined the face every time. With my plugin you can set the face by plugin command and the message box will show the image that you have set without defining the face every time you show messag

Tags izy face message show text

Izys Remove Option Not rated

Version: 1.00

Author: izyees

Hide an Option window in title.

Tags izy remove remove option option hide