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  • Awakening Special Skill Cut In Not rated
    Do you wish to show a cutin image when a special skill is cast? This plugin allows you to do that, with two different types, the sliding and the classic static image.
    Tags battle add on cut-in special skill
  • Autolife Not rated
    Allows to include a state that will automatically revive the KO-ed target whenever the state is active.
    Tags state autolife
  • Auto-Life Not rated
    Allows creating one or more states that can restore a player or enemy to life after it dies.
    Tags revive
  • Auto Updater Not rated
    Allows developers to set up automatic updates to occur whenever a player plays the game while internet is available.
    Tags SumRndmDde Updater Automatic Internet
  • Auto Push NPCs Not rated
    Replicates a feature of Seiken Densetsu 3 that allow the player to push NPCs when they obstruct his way.
    Tags lecode map push npc sd3 seiken densetsu
  • Auto Camera Not rated
    Allows developers to set the camera to move based on what regions the player moves onto.
    Tags SumRndmDde Camera Automatic Regions
  • Audio Lag Fix 5 / 5
    Fixes the lag causes by RPGmaker attempting to decode Audio file into RAM inccorectly.
    Tags Audio DSEIV Performance
  • Audio Delay Fix 4 / 5
    Fixes the delayed audio bug by preloading the audio files.
    Tags audio bugfix
  • Artys Post Battle Common Events Not rated
    Runs Common Events after battles, depending on the outcome.
    Tags arty battle common events
  • Arabic Message System Not rated
    Supports languages that must be read from the right to the left in Message System.
    Tags Arabic
  • Animated Title Reimu Not rated
    Changes your boring title screen into an animated one.
    Tags custom title title screen
  • Animated Title Legendia Not rated
    Changes your boring title screen into the Tales of Legendia Title Screen.
    Tags Custom Title Screen Custom Scene
  • Animated Title Cirno Not rated
    Changes your boring title screen into an animated one, with enjoyable background changes and command graphics.
    Tags custom title title screen
  • Animated Title Blue Sphere Not rated
    Changes your boring title screen into an animated one, with enjoyable background changes and command graphics.
    Tags Custom Title Screen Soulpour777
  • Animated Title Belldandy Not rated
    Changes your boring title screen into an animated one.
    Tags Custom Title Screen soulpour777
  • Animated Scene Name Caliburn Not rated
    Changes your boring scene name into an animated one.
    Tags Custom Scene Name Custom Scenes Soulpour777
  • Animated Scene Credits Remilia Not rated
    Creates an animated credits scene with slideshow of images and texts.
    Tags Custom Scene Credits Custom Scenes Animated Soulpour777
  • Animated Enemy Folders Not rated
    An extension to Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies plugin which allows you to put animated enemies in a folder of their own.
    Tags organization yanfly folder animated enemies sideview enemies animated sideview enemies agustin extension
  • Animated Enemies Not rated
    Lets you animate enemies in a variety of ways.
    Tags Animated Battle Enemy
  • Ammunition System Crafting Extension 3 / 5
    Allows skills to produce items/equips.
    Tags skills crafting
  • Ammunition System Not rated
    Allow skills to consume items or equipment.
    Tags skills items equip weapon armor
  • Alt Menu Screen - Phantasia Not rated
    Adds an alternative menu screen based off of the one from Tales of Phantasia.
    Tags SumRndmDde Alt Menu Screen Menu Playtime
  • Alt Menu Screen - Busts and Icons Not rated
    Adds an alternative menu screen that shows busts for the Actor and Icons for the commands.
    Tags SumRndmDde Alt Menu Screen Menu Busts Icons
  • Alt Menu Screen - Bust Select Not rated
    Adds an alternative menu screen that uses busts to select Actors in the menu; also displays Side View Battlers.
    Tags SumRndmDde Alt Menu Screen Menu Busts
  • Alpha NET Not rated
    Multiplayer and co-op for MV
    Tags Multiplayer Network Cooperative Online
  • Alpha ABS 5 / 5
    Active Battle System
    Tags ABS Battle System
  • Al Bhed Language Not rated
    This plugin allows you to emulate the Al Bhed Language of the Al Bhed People. What is Al Bhed Language? The Al Bhed language is spoken by the Al Bhed people. Working like a substitution cipher (a language system replacing certain letters with others), it
    Tags Messaging Utility Encryption
  • Advanced Minimap 4 / 5
    An advanced minimap with Fog of War
  • Adjust Damage Floor Values Not rated
    Modifies the amount of damage done by damage floor tiles
    Tags region-id damage-floor
  • Actor Stepping Animation Not rated
    Have party members like slimes or flying creatures continue to animate even when not moving
  • Actor Portraits in Battle Not rated
    Shows Actor’s portraits/battlers in battle.
    Tags mrts battle hud actor portrait bust battler
  • Actor Event Sprites 3.5 / 5
    Change an event's sprite (or face) to one of an actor.
    Tags events actors cutscenes
  • Action Sequence Proxy Not rated
    Allows you to set up common Action Squences to be called on later from within another action sequence.plies to all skills that use it!
    Tags Action Sequence Yanfly YEP Battle Core Proxy Organization Loops
  • AY_AltMenuGraces Not rated
    Turns your main menu into that of Tales of Graces by Bandai Namco
  • AUTOSAVE Not rated
    It allows saving on differnt situations like on entering a map or closing the menu. You can also save during eventing using the plugin command AUTOSAVE.
  • AG1992_keyMapper Not rated
    Allows users to add different keys to use in game.
    Tags keys mapper key map use keyboard keys in-game assign events to happen on keypress


  • Bought and Sold Item Tracker Not rated
    Tracks items bought and sold from shops, under specific labels.
  • Boss Rush System Not rated
    This plugin allows you to fight bosses you fought before.
    Tags custom scene boss rush
  • Book of People Not rated
    Displays a detailed status of the people you’ve met in your adventure.
    Tags Custom Scene Book of People Soulpour777
  • Book Menu Not rated
    Changes command based menu into picture based menu.
    Tags mrts book menu
  • Bobstah Level Up Bonuses 3 / 5
    Allows a multitude of bonuses to be given to actors (or taken from them!) upon leveling up based on a wide array of criteria.
    Tags level level up stat equip item weapon armor gold state
  • Bobstah Enhanced Equip Restrictions Not rated
    Restrict equipment based on class, actor, other equipment, level, variables, switches, and evals.
    Tags equipment equip weapon armor restrict
  • Bobstah Custom Stats 3 / 5
    Allows you to set custom number or percentage stats at the Actor, Class, and Enemy level. These stats can be increased and decreased by weapons, armor, states, and items by using the appropriate notetags. They can be accessed inside of damage formulas.
    Tags custom stat custom stats stats param params
  • Bobstah Battle Command Customization 4 / 5
    Allows you to add skills, items, and a combined skill menu option to an Actor's and Class' battle commands, as well as reordering existing commands to meet your liking. You can also add custom commands using the Custom plugin system! View the Plugin Help
    Tags battle command skills skill type items item
  • Blood Spots Not rated
    Make characters bleed, leaving persistent trails of blood.
  • BlacksmithPluginManager Not rated
    Plugin download and dependancy management tool.
  • Biud436s Simple Light 5 / 5
    Apply the lighting effect to the Tilemap by using the Fragment Shader
    Tags Light Shader
  • Biud436s HUD 4 / 5
    Draw the HUD that displays the hp and mp and exp and level of each party members.
    Tags HUD
  • Bitmap Upgrade Not rated
    Adds various Bitmap functions to allow color transformations to characters, battlers, and weapons.
    Tags SumRndmDde Images Hue Lightness
  • Bind Pictures To Map 3.5 / 5
    Lets you bind the movement of pictures to the movement of the map rather than to the camera, for what is popularly called parallax mapping. Can also be used as additional layer(s) of detail to your normal maps. You can change what "layer" a picture is dra
    Tags TDDP Parallax Mapping
  • Big Events Not rated
    Allow stationery events to have a larger collision area than a single tile
    Tags Map Events
  • BattleBackOptions Not rated
    Provies extended options for the default auto-battleback system.
  • Battle Windows Customization 5 / 5
    Allows you to customize nearly everything about the battle windows.
    Tags Windows Battle Customize Position Size Opacity
  • Battle Weather 5 / 5
    Creates a weather during battle.
    Tags battle add ons battle weather
  • Battle Status Customizer Not rated
    Gives developers control over the information provided within the Battle Status windows for each Actor.
    Tags SumRndmDde Battle Status GUI
  • Battle Result Switches Not rated
    Turn on switches to indicate if a battle was won, lost, aborted or escaped
    Tags Events Battles
  • Battle HUD Rune Not rated
    This is a battle hud to replace your normal base Battle Status. Version Rune
    Tags Battle HUD Battle Add On Graphical Utility
  • Battle HUD Feena Not rated
    Creates a fantastic slanted HP and MP bar as well as a face representation of the battlers.
    Tags Battle HUD
  • Battle HUD Factory Not rated
    This is a battle hud to replace your normal base Battle Status. Version Factory.
    Tags Battle HUD Battle Add On
  • Battle GUI Core 5 / 5
    Allows developers to customize the window set up of battles within their game.
    Tags SumRndmDde GUI Battle Command
  • Battle Engine Lotus 1 / 5
    An interactive Front View Battle System (Phantasy Star and RMXP Battle Style)
    Tags Battle System Battle Engine
  • Battle End Events Not rated
    Allows Common Events to be played at the end of the battle depending on the results.
    Tags SumRndmDde battle common events
  • Battle Commands Feena Not rated
    Changes your old battle commands into a beautiful and fantastic design.
    Tags Battle HUD Battle Commands Graphical utility Battle Utility
  • Battle Character Limit Not rated
    Allows to have more allied characters in battle. Also reposition them a little bit.
    Tags MrTS character limit battle party size
  • Battle Auto Selection Not rated
    Allows to skip the selection window when there is only one available enemy or one available ally.
    Tags lecode battle window selection auto
  • Battle Actor EX Not rated
    This plugin shows the actor’s bust / picture when it is his turn for any commands.
    Tags Battle Utility Graphical Utility Actor
  • Basic Menu Script Not rated
    This is just a simple menu to include basic commands such as (Resume, Options, Quit). You can also have a custom background if you'd like.
    Tags menu basic background picture gold
  • Bare-Handed Not rated
    Bare handed combat bonuses
  • BSD_OtherIconSet.js Not rated
    You can replace the default IconSet for those places where a larger icon image appears in Yanfly's plugins ItemCore and ShopMenuCore
    Tags iconset yanfly other iconset
  • BO_SortingOptions Not rated
    Sort Items, Skills and Shop Goods to your liking
    Tags Item Sort Skill Sort Customizable Shop Goods Sort
  • BO_Shops Not rated
    Various functionality around shops
    Tags Shops Limited Stock Goods Availability Customization Discounts
  • BGM Fadein Plugin Not rated
    A simple plugin enabling access to built-in BGM Fade-in
  • BBS_OrgOptionsMenu Not rated
    Automatically organizes options added by other plugins to the Options Menu into categories.
  • BBS World Map Plugin 5 / 5
    Allows for a customizable, fully featured World Map system.


  • cellicom Rarity Item Color 4.5 / 5
    It allows you to enter a level of rarity (from 0 to 5) and color name.
    Tags cellicom color rarity
  • Cv2 TP System 4 / 5
    Set up Individual TP Maximums for characters and their classes.
    Tags TP Actor Weapons Armors Classes
  • Cv2 Death Common Event Not rated
    Execute a Common Event on Actor or Enemy Death.
    Tags Eventing Common Events
  • Cv2 Buff Max Editor Not rated
    Edits Settings related to Buffs and Debuffs.
    Tags Stats buffs debuffs
  • Custom Variables Not rated
    This plugin allows you to create extra variables that are not handled by the default engine variables.
    Tags Gameplay Utility
  • Custom Text on Title Screen 3 / 5
    Displays customizable additional text on the title screen
    Tags Graphical Tite Title Screen
  • Custom Game Over Not rated
    Change what happens when the party dies or Game Over is called.
    Tags Game Over common event utility death revive scene control Scene_Gameover
  • Custom Battle Music Not rated
    Allows you to override default battle BGM and ME
    Tags music bgm me battle
  • Crossfade Fog System Not rated
    This is a plugin that allows you to do multiple fogs. This is a standalone plugin.
    Tags fog system
  • Critical Hit Effects Not rated
    This plugin allows you to play an extra sound effect and flashing effect to tell the player that it is a critical hit.
    Tags Battle Utility
  • Critical Damage Multiplier 2 / 5
    This plugin changes how default critical damage calculation works in RPG Maker MV. No more every critical hit deals 300% of it’s damage. Now enemies, actors and classes can have their own base critical damage which can be increased or decreased using equ
    Tags mrts critical damage multiplier crit
  • Crafting System 5 / 5
    Allows item, weapon and armor crafting based on categorized recipe books
    Tags SZS Crafting Items
  • Crafting 5 / 5
    Allows player to craft items.
    Tags mrts crafting synthesize craft recipe
  • Core Engine optimizations for mobile 3 / 5
    This plugin exchanges various elements of core RPG Maker engine with quicker counterparts. No functionality is lost or gained.
    Tags performance mobile android
  • Control Battle Style Not rated
    This plugin allows you to change your battle orientation at will from a plugin command instead of the database.
    Tags System / Database Utility
  • Consistent Audio Not rated
    In est, CA automatically ensures that the BGM and BGS you last have playing on a map will always play for that map.
    Tags mv rpgmaker mv audio bgm bgs
  • Conjure Weapons Not rated
    Allows skills to conjure weapons that last for a few turns or until battle ends.
    Tags MrTS conjure create weapons weapon battle
  • Confusion Fix Not rated
    When you are stricken by the confusion state, you only do one action, which is you just Attack. You can confirm this if you check the Game Action. This plugin fixes that problem, where you can assign Attack, Guard, Wait, or any other skill you want to cre
    Tags Battle Add Ons Battle Mechanic
  • Confirm Reload 5 / 5
    Ask the player whether the game should be reloaded upon pressing F5.
    Tags reload F5
  • Conditional Show Choices Not rated
    This plugin allows developers to set conditions directly in the "Show Choices" event command. These conditions can determine whether the choice is hidden or disabled.
    Tags conditional choices show choices
  • Conditional Move Routes Not rated
    Adds three new move route commands to allow branching and looping.
  • Conditional Branch Plus 3 / 5
    ​Extends the functionality of what a conditional branch can check. ​Read the plugin's help for more information.
    Tags conditional branch check
  • Common Event on Load 3 / 5
    This plugin runs a common event every time a file is loaded.
  • Common Event Logger Not rated
    Logs all executing common events to console.
    Tags MrTS common event logger log print printer debug tool
  • Command Icons 5 / 5
    Adds Icons to Command Windows
  • Color Shifting Enemies 4 / 5
    Makes enemies go disco disco in battle.
    Tags mrts disco color shifting tone enemies foil shiny
  • Clone Events 5 / 5
    Clone events from a 'base' map to replace 'placeholder' events on the game map
    Tags map events
  • Chikuwa Not rated
    shared variables control from plugin command.
  • Characters List Not rated
    Create a list of characters window menu
  • Character Select Not rated
    This plugin allows you to select a starting character or manage your party members.
    Tags Custom Scene character select soulpour777
  • Character Profile Not rated
    Creates an Actor Encyclopedia.
    Tags Graphical Utility
  • Character Anchors Not rated
    Adjust anchor positions on a character sprite to change its alignment with tiles on the map
  • Chapter Select Not rated
    Creates a chapter selection screen for episodic gameplay.
    Tags Custom Scene Chapter Select
  • Change Tile Size Not rated
    Create/run an MV game with tiles larger or smaller than 48x48
  • Change Equipment on Level Up Not rated
    Changes actor equipment on specific levels when leveling up.
    Tags mrts change equipment upgrade weapon armor
  • Change Equip On Battle Not rated
    Allow player to change chosen slots of equipment during battle.
    Tags battle equip
  • Change Battle Mode Not rated
    Have side view and front view battles in the same game
  • Chain Commands Not rated
    Make the player scramble to press a bunch of keys before time runs out.
    Tags minigame
  • Center Text Not rated
    Automatically center-aligns text in messages.
  • Cathedral System 3 / 5
    Creates the Cathedral Revival System mentioned in the anime Log Horizon.
    Tags battle add-on battle
  • CanLose - Control Defeat Behavior Not rated
    Change how the game handles losing any battle, even random encounters.
    Tags common event lose defeat utility random battle
  • Camera Core Not rated
    Allows developers to preform various camera motions including focusing and zooming.
    Tags SumRndmDde Zoom Focus Camera
  • Caliburn Custom Menu System Not rated
    This plugin allows you to change your boring menu into a more lively, well designed and animated type of Menu.
    Tags custom menu system
  • Cache Manager Not rated
    Clears cached images on map transfer to reduce memory usage
    Tags Cache Mobile Memory


  • Dynamic Traits and Effects Not rated
    Allows you to change traits and effects on the database during gameplay, keeping changes localized to the save file
    Tags database traits effects
  • Durability 4 / 5
    Adds durability of weapons/armors.
    Tags durability battle
  • Duel Battles Not rated
    a suikoden-like Duel system
  • Drain and Recoil Rate Not rated
    Allows to include a state that will PASSIVELY drains a percentage of damage based on the damage dealt to the target as long as the one that has a drain rate parameter.
  • Dragon Engine - Ring Scene Menu 5 / 5
    Changes the scene menu for a one with a ring menu
    Tags D$E Ring Menu Dragon Engine
  • Dragon Engine - Ring Menu Party Not rated
    Adds a party copmmand for the dragon engine ring menus
    Tags D$E Ring Menu Menu Party window
  • Dragon Engine - Ring Menu Not rated
    The basic ring menu used by all other ring menu extensions
    Tags D$E Ring Menu
  • Dragon Engine - Custom Motions Not rated
    Allows the sideview battlers to have specific motions when using skills or items
    Tags D$E Dragon engine Motions Battlers
  • Dragon Engine - Core Not rated
    The Dragon Engine core, needed for many Dragon Engine plugins
    Tags D$E Core Script
  • Dragon Engine - Battle Rotation Perspective Not rated
    Allows rotate actors in battle like golden sun
    Tags D$E Dragon engine Battle
  • DoubleX RMMV Unit Filters Not rated
    Lets you use plugin calls to use new unit filters in order to write much, much less codes to perform much, much more tasks
  • DoubleX RMMV Unison Item Not rated
    Lets you set some skills/items needing mutiple battlers to use
    Tags Unison Fusion Combo
  • DoubleX RMMV Targeting Hotkeys Not rated
    Lets you set some hotkeys selecting actor/enemy target by index
    Tags Hotkey Targeting
  • DoubleX RMMV Substitute Edit Not rated
    Lets you sets conditions determining the battler to substitute
    Tags Substitute
  • DoubleX RMMV Status Bars Not rated
    Lets you use bars to show battler statuses on their sprites
    Tags Status Bar
  • DoubleX RMMV State Triggers Not rated
    Sets some states to trigger additional effects when conditions are met
    Tags State
  • DoubleX RMMV State Resistance Not rated
    Lets you set some states to have state removal/turn resistances
    Tags State
  • DoubleX RMMV Skill Hotkeys Not rated
    Lets you bind hotkeys to skills for actors outside battles, and use them to select usable skills for actors inside battles
    Tags Skill Hotkey
  • DoubleX RMMV Reverse Input Not rated
    Lets users set some actors reversing the assigned window inputs
    Tags Input
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Turn Not rated
    Lets users multiply the max turn unit by the number of battlers
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Start Not rated
    Lets users alter individual battlers' atb value on battle start
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB SE Not rated
    Lets users add SE to be played when battlers become able to act
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Reset Not rated
    Lets users set skills/items to have different ATB reset values
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Rate Not rated
    Lets users alter individual battlers' atb rate by data notetags
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Hotkey Not rated
    Lets users set some hotkeys to select various inputable actors
    Tags ATB Active Time Battle
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Force Not rated
    Lets users set some keys to force run/stop the atb frame update
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Event Not rated
    Lets users calls some common events at some specific atb timing
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Delay Not rated
    Lets users set some enemies and/or autobattle/confusion actors to wait for a while after being actable before inputting action
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Countdown Not rated
    Lets users set some states updating turns per specified seconds
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Core Not rated
    To be an easy, simple and user-friendly, yet powerful atb system
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Cooldown Not rated
    Lets users set skills/items causing user to cooldown after user
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Compatibility Not rated
    Fixes DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB compatibility issues
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Clock Not rated
    Lets users show the battle turn clock, unit and count in battle
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Charge Not rated
    Lets users set skills/items to need time to charge before using
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB CTB Not rated
    Lets users switch the battle system to mimic charge turn battle
    Tags Active time Battle ATB Charge Turn Battle CTB
  • DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Bar Not rated
    Lets users set when/how ATB bars are shown on battler sprites
    Tags Active Time Battle ATB
  • DoubleX RMMV Permanent States Not rated
    Lets you sets some states to be kept/restored in some set cases
    Tags State
  • DoubleX RMMV Partitioned Random Not rated
    Sets the number of partitions the RNG being run per Math.random() call
    Tags Random
  • DoubleX RMMV Object Properties Not rated
    Traces all object properties meeting some conditions linked to the queried object
    Tags Debug Properties Inspect
  • DoubleX RMMV Linked Battlers Not rated
    Lets users set some states to let their owners share some stats
    Tags State
  • DoubleX RMMV Item Triggers Not rated
    Sets some items to trigger some actions when conditions are met
    Tags Item
  • DoubleX RMMV Item Cooldown Not rated
    Lets users set skills/items causing user to cooldown after user
  • DoubleX RMMV Item Charge Not rated
    Lets you set skills/items to need turns to charge before using
    Tags Charge
  • DoubleX RMMV Intercept Item Not rated
    Lets users set states intercepting skills/items conditionally
    Tags Runic Blue Magic FF5 FF6
  • DoubleX RMMV Formulae Edit Not rated
    Lets users modify some hardcoded default RMMV formulae on the fly
  • DoubleX RMMV Equip Prerequisites Not rated
    Lets users add various prerequisites for equipments to actors
    Tags Equip
  • DoubleX RMMV Dynamic Settings Compatibility Not rated
    Fixes DoubleX RMMV Dynamic Settings compatibility issues
    Tags Settings Dynamic
  • DoubleX RMMV Dynamic Settings Not rated
    Lets users change some system settings in game and save them
    Tags Settings Dynamic
  • DoubleX RMMV Dynamic Data Not rated
    Stores the database changes done by users during game executions
    Tags Data
  • DoubleX RMMV Death Records Not rated
    Lets users mark the actors/enemies' death times via their ids
  • DoubleX RMMV Constants Edit Not rated
    Lets users edit some hardcoded default RMMV constants on the fly
  • DoubleX RMMV Confusion Edit Not rated
    Lets you set some states to reverse the ally/foe identification
    Tags Confusion State
  • DoubleX RMMV Action Times Not rated
    Changes the Action Times traits from being each of them calculated independently to be added together before calculating that sum at once
    Tags Action Times
  • DoubleX RMMV Action Cost Compatibility Not rated
    Fixes DoubleX RMMV Action Cost compatibility issues
    Tags Action
  • DoubleX RMMV Action Cost Not rated
    Lets you set some skills/items to need more than 1 action slots
  • Difficulty Levels Not rated
    Adds support for multiple battle and riddle difficulty levels! UI functions based on Atreyo Ray's ARP_InGameManual.js
    Tags rpgmakermv mv accessibility difficulty difficulty levels difficulty selection
  • Different Skill Effects Depending on Target Not rated
    This plugin makes so items and skills affect different targets differently.
    Tags MrTS items skills different effect target
  • Diagonal Player 4 / 5
    Diagonal Sprites, multi frame, multiple control schemes
  • Destination Sprite Not rated
    With this plugin you can change the destination place sprite of the mouse\touch input
    Tags Destination Sprite Destination Graphical Utility map
  • Destination Cursor Not rated
    Changes your original flashing cursor into an image.
    Tags Graphical Utility
  • Death Sounds Not rated
    Makes actors and enemies play a sound when they die.
    Tags MrTS death sounds sfx
  • Data Compressor Not rated
    Allows developers to drastically reduce the file sizes of data files within their project and helps protect data files from being reopened.
    Tags SumRndmDde data .json compression
  • Dash Stamina 4 / 5
    Adds stamina bar and restricts dashing
    Tags dash stamina
  • Dash Stamina 4 / 5
    Dash Stamina
  • Dark Room Covers Not rated
    Allows to show and hide regions.
    Tags mrts hide show regions reveal fog of war
  • Damage Efficiency Not rated
    Allows battlers to deal more damage depending on their weapon, element, skill type or overall efficiency.
    Tags mrts damage bonus extra efficiency proficiency
  • DMV_ParamDistribute Not rated
    Allows for parameters to be 'distributed' via the status scene and the new distribution window.
  • DMV_MapMenuButtons Not rated
    Allows for the game map screen to show some cool menu buttons that run user defined code upon trigger.
  • DMV_KursorBlink Not rated
    Simple plugin that allows the default window cursor 'blink' speed to be modified, or even completely stopped!
  • DMV_FullKeyboardInput Not rated
    This plugin enhances the default Input class to allow for the checking of all keyboard keys.
  • DMV_Core Not rated
    Contains functions that are used within some of the more advanced RPG Maker MV plugins of mine.
    Tags Dekita DMV Core
  • DKTools Skip Title Screen 5 / 5
    Allows you to skip the title screen and immediately start the game.
    Tags DK DKPlugins DK Plugins Title Skip
  • DKTools Globals 5 / 5
    Saves variables and switches regardless of the player’s saving. Allows you to have variables and switches that are not tied to saving, but are global for all new games.
    Tags DK DKTools DKPlugins Globals Variables Switches
  • DKTools Game Modes Not rated
    Adds a choice of game mode when the player selects a new game
    Tags DK DKTools DKPlugins Game Modes
  • DKTools Full Input Not rated
    All keys of the keyboard and gamepad
    Tags DK DKPlugins DK Plugins Input Keyboard Gamepad Left stick Right stick Control
  • DKTools Custom Vehicles Not rated
    Adds land vehicles
    Tags DK DKPlugins DK Plugins Vehicles Transport
  • DKTools Not rated
    Powerful library. Adds many tools for developing games and plugins
    Tags DK DKPlugins DKTools Development Library Extensions
  • DK Name Input Not rated
    Allows input the name from the keyboard
    Tags DK DKPlugins DK Plugins Input Name Keyboard
  • DK Core Rare Items Not rated
    Rare items
    Tags DK DKCore DKPlugins DK Plugins Rare Items
  • DK Core Game Time. Switches Not rated
    Allows to control the switches depending on game time
    Tags DK DKCore DKPlugins DK Plugins Time Switches
  • DK Core Game Time Not rated
    System of time, Day/Night
    Tags DK DKCore DKPlugins DK Plugins System Time Day/Night
  • DK Core Not rated
    Required for the other plugins from author DK and to checking for update
    Tags DK DKCore DKPlugins DK Plugins Core
  • DEX Try JPG Not rated
    Tries to load jpg files if no png found.
    Tags image jpg
  • DEX New Game Plus Not rated
    A new game plus (NG Plus) script that reads a switch inside saved files. A new game plus mode switch is enabled when a new game plus save file is loaded
  • DEX Image Map Name Not rated
    Replace the map display name with an image. Plus additional animation!
    Tags map display name
  • DEX Gauge Action System 5 / 5
    A plugin that adds a little spice in your gameplay using gauges.
    Tags gameplay gauge
  • DEX Animated Image Not rated
    Animate image with these effects: bounce, stretch, shake, pulse and fade
    Tags Image


  • Extra Status 5 / 5
    An additional Status screen geared towards displaying relationships, alignment and general game progression.
    Tags status screen progress bar alignment relationship display
  • Exit Game Plugin Not rated
    This is a simple plugin that adds an 'Exit Game' button to the title menu and the end game menu.
  • ExSprite Not rated
    Extend the default sprite classes for being more Ace like
    Tags Sprite Extention
  • EvilCat Utils - Controls Not rated
    Adds input functions to EvilCat Utils.
    Tags core EvilCat Utils add-on
  • EvilCat Utils - Colors Not rated
    Adds color functions to EvilCat Utils
    Tags core EvilCat Utils add-on
  • EvilCat Utils Not rated
    Base functions for other EvilCat's plugins
    Tags core EvilCat Utils
  • Event Variable Not rated
    Makes a variable contain the ID of the event being executed. Common Events will return the Event that last ran.
  • Event Touch Radius Not rated
    Event Touch triggers at greater distance
  • Event Text Not rated
    Event Text
  • Event Spy and Runtime Export 5 / 5
    Spy on event switches, params and data.
    Tags debug EvilCat Utils export events
  • Event Names - Pictures - Icons 4.5 / 5
    Allows events to show their names, pictures or icons above them.
    Tags MrTS Event Name text image picture icon
  • Event Indicators 5 / 5
    Provides a simple way to add images above events, like displaying a "!" or "?" above quest related NPCs or items.
    Tags SRCrazy Marker Quest
  • Event Distance Sensor Not rated
    Creates a distance sensor ability to events.
    Tags Line of Sight Gameplay Utility
  • Eval Switch Not rated
    Use javascript expressions as page conditions.
  • Equipment Variables Not rated
    Increase and decrease variables based on equipment.
    Tags equipment variables
  • Equip Battle Command Not rated
    Allows to access equip window to change equipment in battle.
    Tags equip battle commands
  • Engine Limit Break Not rated
    This plugin allows you to change and adjust most maximum / adjustable values inside the MV Engine.
    Tags System Utility
  • Enemy Resist Death Not rated
    This plugin allows a death resist counter for enemies. By death resist counter, this means that the enemy will revive itself as long as the death resist counter is not 0.
    Tags Battle Add On Death State
  • Enemy Positions Not rated
    Allows to change enemy positions through adding tags.
    Tags MrTS enemy position battle
  • Enemy Classes Not rated
    Allows you to assign a class to an enemy. Parameters and actions available are determined by enemy class and levels.
    Tags himeworks enemies classes
  • Enemy Battler Effects Not rated
    Adds Motion and Collapse effects.
    Tags battle add on
  • Empty Menu Not rated
    Removes actor data and moves command window.
    Tags mrts empty menu
  • Emoji Engine MV Plugin Core Not rated
    Permit to store and extract Plugin Params more efficiently
    Tags Emoji
  • Emergy Enemy Animations Not rated
    Makes enemies emerge with animation playing into battle.
    Tags MrTS enemy emerge appear animation
  • Ellye's States Damage Not rated
    Allows for custom damage (or healing) formulas for States
    Tags States Gameplay
  • Ellye's Class-Changing Equipment Not rated
    Equipments that temporarily change the class of Actors who equip them
    Tags Class Equipment
  • Ellye's ATB 5 / 5
    An Active Time Battle system that also allows for CTB style battles.
    Tags ATB Battle Gameplay
  • Elevation Fix Not rated
    Prevents interaction with events at a different elevation to the player
  • Elemental Amplifier Not rated
    Allows boost of attack to actors on skills with certain element
    Tags element skill
  • EdgeHandler Not rated
    Automatic map edge handling
  • Easy Events Not rated
    makes hooking into events easier
  • Easier Distance Conditions Not rated
    Easier and quicker to activate events based on how close the player/other event it.
  • EST - SAVE MAP EVENTS Not rated
    Save the map events so it won't be reloaded from database when entering new map.
    Tags event map save build decor
  • EST - RegionMapLoader Not rated
    Replace map data you mark with region with other map data
    Tags build decor region map transform replace
    Give size to event to make it large event, also give trigger
    Tags event size large build decor trigger
    Shift Event Graphic by x pixel using event comment
    Tags event graphic shift build decor
    Add New Event, Transform Event, Delete Event
    Tags event add clone delete transform build decor
  • EST - Build And Decor EX Not rated
    you can have 'decoration' item that you can place to customize your map
    Tags build decor event item
    Auto Color and Auto Correct Text
    Tags auto color correct text event


  • Full Slider Custom Menu System Not rated
    This plugin allows you to convert your default menu system into an animated sliding custom menu.
    Tags custom menu system
  • Frysning_Leveler Not rated
    Level up mobs with notetags
    Tags Monsters leveler frysning gameplay changes
  • Formation Graphics Not rated
    Creates a beautiful scene for changing your party members.
    Tags Custom Scene
  • Forget Skills on Class Change Not rated
    Does it ever come to you when you want to forget all the skills when you change classes? Well, this plugin does just that effect.
    Tags Class System Utility Skills
  • Forge Not rated
    Improve weapons using a blacksmith
  • Font Option Not rated
    This Plugin adds a Font selector to the Options Window that allows the Player to choose a Font for the game.
    Tags SumRndmDde font option
  • Follow Up Skills 2.5 / 5
    Adds skills that automatically happen one after another
    Tags skills skill
  • Field Effects Not rated
    Creates Field Effect or cards like in Yugi Oh.
    Tags Battle Add On Field Effects
  • FX_IntroAqua Not rated
    Displacement filter for the title screen image.
    Tags Effects waves
    A complex skilltree plugin
    Tags skills skilltree


  • Guts Effect Not rated
    Recreates the Guts Effect from Valkyrie Profile.
    Tags Battle Add On
  • Graphics Changer Not rated
    Allows to change sprite, face, and sideview graphics automatically depending on the current actor's states, equipment, and class.
    Tags graphics
  • Gold and Token Window Not rated
    Displays a window showing gold count & variable count that you can use as casino tokens
    Tags window map gold variable icons token casino
  • Global Save Data Not rated
    Allows player to set and change variables that affect all saves.
    Tags mrts save global data variables
  • Geowil Plugins - Class Changer Not rated
    Easy to use, eliminates need to use complicated eventing for change restrictions, uses note tags and single plugin command.
    Tags RMMV plugin Class Changing Note Tag
  • Gameover Commands Not rated
    Creates simple gameover commands to change gameplay.
    Tags Graphical Utility Gameplay Utility
  • Game_Stailer94s Quest System 5 / 5
    Quest system based of gameus one, many features
  • GameFocus 5 / 5
    GameFocus allows you to have the game pause the audio and/or the game processing when the game is out of focus.
    Tags Pause Audio Pause Graphics Zalerinian
  • Game Over Core Not rated
    Gives more options for one’s Game Over scene. Common Events can be called and a command window has been added, allowing players to load the game, retry, or return the title screen.
    Tags SumRndmDde game over retry
  • Galvs Weapon Proficiency Not rated
    Actors can gain skills using different weapon types by attacking in combat
    Tags weapons actor skill
  • Galvs Visual Novel Choices 5 / 5
    Changes the default Show Choices menu to look like a visual novel
    Tags Visual Messages
  • Galvs Visibility Range Not rated
    Limit the sight range of the player using an image overlay
    Tags Map Visual
  • Galvs Vehicle On Off Locations Not rated
    Restrict player from embarking/disembarking vehicles to certain terrain tags or regions.
    Tags Map vehicles
  • Galvs Variable Bar Not rated
    Display a progress bar using graphics based on variables on the map screen.
    Tags progress bar variable display
  • Galvs Tools Not rated
    Switch between and use common-event controlled tools on the map. Tool functionality is controlled with your eventing and accompanied script calls.
    Tags on map tools
  • Galvs Timer End Event Not rated
    Remove auto-force end battle and specify common event to play on timer end.
    Tags timer common event
  • Galvs Timed Message Popups Not rated
    Create messages on screen or above characters that do not stop player movement and disappear automatically.
    Tags Map messages
  • Galvs Superman Ability Not rated
    Let your players takeoff and land like the airship without needing a vehicle - like superman!
    Tags map flying
  • Galvs Stationary Turn Not rated
    Adds the ability to turn on the spot when tapping a direction.
    Tags Movement Map
  • Galvs Single Actor Menu Target Not rated
    Skip the actor select step in menus when using an item/skill and there is only one actor in the party.
    Tags targeting single actor
  • Galvs Simple Crops Not rated
    Use eventing to create a farming system supported by script calls to manage crops growing
    Tags farming crops
  • Galvs Shadow Darken Not rated
    Fade characters darker/lighter as then enter/leave shadow regions.
  • Galvs Screen Zoom Not rated
    Zoom in and scroll around the zoomed screen in the map scene.
    Tags zoom map
  • Galvs Screen Buttons Not rated
    Add buttons to the screen during game that can be clicked or touched to emulate button presses, call script code or run a common event
    Tags buttons clicking touching
  • Galvs Roll Credits Not rated
    A separate scene to display a series of scrolling or fading text over background images designed to be used for credits.
    Tags Credits scene
  • Galvs Random Encounter Conditions Not rated
    Have troops only appear in random encounters based on switch, variable or item condition
    Tags random encounters
  • Galvs Quick Arrange Party Not rated
    Swap party formation quickly on the map without pausing the game
    Tags party map
  • Galvs Quest Log Not rated
    Just another quest log plugin to allow the player to keep track of the tasks you burden them with.
    Tags quest log
  • Galvs Puzzle Functions Not rated
    Adds a bunch of functions that can be used to make eventing puzzles and quests easier
    Tags events puzzles
  • Galvs Pseudo Pixel Movement Not rated
    Gives the illusion of pixel movement by allowing the player to stand on 9 sections of each tile, but all other tile-based functionality and event movement remain default.
    Tags movement
  • Galvs Prize Wheel Not rated
    Let your players spin the wheel to win items!
    Tags random items
  • Galvs Picture Animations Not rated
    A simple plugin that allows you to play animations from the database on pictures created with the “Show Picture” event command.
    Tags picture animation
  • Galvs Past Encounters Not rated
    Start random battles from the past troops you have defeated in battle
    Tags battle encounters
  • Galvs New Item Indication Not rated
    Show an indication on items that have been obtained for the first time and not yet looked at.
    Tags items
  • Galvs New Game Plus Not rated
    Another new game+ plugin to add replayability
    Tags New Game+ Replayability
  • Galvs Move Route Extras Not rated
    More functionality for autonomous and forced move routes
    Tags Events Move Routes
  • Galvs Message Styles Not rated
    Change how messages look visually including acting like speech bubbles over characters
    Tags visual messages
  • Galvs Message Sound Effects Not rated
    Play sound effects when each character of a Show Text message appears and on confirmation
    Tags Events Show Text Audio
  • Galvs Message Busts Not rated
    Replace the face image in Show Text event commands with a bust image
    Tags Events Show Text Visual busts
  • Galvs Message Background Not rated
    Display an image behind messages instead of windowskin box
    Tags Events Show Text visual
  • Galvs Menu Fade Not rated
    Adds fading in/out of the menu from the map scene
    Tags Scene Menus
  • Galvs Map Travel Not rated
    A custom fast travel scene for the player to get from location to location.
    Tags travel
  • Galvs Map Projectiles Not rated
    Create projectiles with script calls that can affect player and events.
    Tags projectiles map
  • Galvs Map Animation Effects Not rated
    Show animation effects when player or events stand on regions + other animation settings.
    Tags Map Visual
  • Galvs Manual Level Up Not rated
    Level up characters manually and assign parameter points
    Tags actor level up
  • Galvs Magic Shards Not rated
    A system that allows players to equip their characters with magic.
    Tags Scene Actors Visual
  • Galvs Layer Graphics Not rated
    Create multiple image layers on maps for fogs, parallax mapping and other effects
    Tags Map Visual Fog Parallax Mapping
  • Galvs Jump Ability Not rated
    Player can jump at the press of a button
    Tags Map Player Movement
  • Galvs Invader Mini Game Not rated
    A customizable top-down shooter mini game
    Tags Mini Game
  • Galvs Image Cache Not rated
    Manually specify images to pre-cache on game load or in a script call before they are needed to be loaded.
    Tags images cache
  • Galvs Fishing Mini Game Not rated
    A breath of fire 2 fishing inspired mini game to play within your projects.
    Tags mini game fishing
  • Galvs Extra Agility Turn Not rated
    Battlers get extra turns during battle if their agility is a certain % higher than the opposing team's average agility score.
    Tags battle agi
  • Galvs Event Start Types Not rated
    Run different event commands depending on how the event was triggered (player touched, event touched, action key)
    Tags event
  • Galvs Event Spawner 5 / 5
    Spawn duplicate events from one map to the map the player is on.
    Tags events spawn
  • Galvs Event Spawn Timers Not rated
    Unlimited timers that can change switches or event self switches when expired
    Tags map events utility
  • Galvs Event Detectors Not rated
    Range and line of sight detection for events to player
    Tags Events line of sight detect
  • Galvs Equip Display Window Not rated
    Display basic equip information in windows on the map scene.
    Tags equip window
  • Galvs Enemy AI Not rated
    Change enemy skill priority and targets depending on a note tag condition.
    Tags enemy ai
  • Galvs Dynamic Traits Not rated
    Add traits during game via level up or add/remove manually with a script call
    Tags actors traits
  • Galvs Disable Dash Not rated
    Simple - disable "Always Dash" command from options and able to turn dashing on/off during game.
    Tags dash on map
  • Galvs Diagonal Movement Not rated
    Enables the player to move diagonally using mouse or keyboard and to use custom diagonal charactersets
    Tags Map Player Visual
  • Galvs Custom Title Not rated
    Settings to make title screen more unique including animations and moving parallaxes
    Tags Title
  • Galvs Crit States Not rated
    Apply states to the attacker and/or target if a critical hit or a miss happens during an attack
    Tags critical state states battle
  • Galvs Collide SE Not rated
    A simple collide sound effect whenever the player tries to move to a tile that is blocked.
    Tags map sound effect collide
  • Galvs Choice Pictures Not rated
    Display a different picture depending on which choice is highlighted in a 'show choice' event command.
    Tags choices pictures
  • Galvs Character Frames 5 / 5
    Use charsets with more than the default 3 frames
    Tags Map Visual
  • Galvs Character Animations Not rated
    Sprite graphic changes when idle, walking or running
    Tags Map Visual
  • Galvs Cam Control Not rated
    Enables more control over the game camera focus
    Tags Map Camera
  • Galvs CF Step SE Not rated
    Step sound effect add-on for my Character Frames plugin
    Tags step se sounds
  • Galvs Bust Menu Not rated
    Changes the actor layout in the main menu to display using busts
    Tags Scene Main Menu Busts
  • Galvs Battle Action Info 5 / 5
    View result information about your action in battle before executing it.
    Tags Battle Visual
  • Galvs Basic Event Shadows Not rated
    Display shadows under events and player on the map.
    Tags Map Visual Shadows
  • Galvs Balloon Sound Effects Not rated
    Play sound effects automatically when balloon effects are used
    Tags Map Sound
  • Galvs Animated Splash Screens Not rated
    Display images and/or animations before the title screen
    Tags splash screen visual title
  • Galvs Animated Menu Cursor Not rated
    Displays an animated image next to selected menu commands
    Tags visual menus
  • Galvs Animated Battleback Not rated
    Use battleback graphics that have multiple frames to animate backgrounds in battle
    Tags battle animation
  • Galvs Actor Equip Items 5 / 5
    Players will have to plan what items they take into battle when their actors can only use the items they have equipped.
    Tags battle items actor inventory
  • Galvs Action Indicators 5 / 5
    Display an icon above the event the player is facing to indicate to them what the action button will do.
    Tags Map Events Visual
  • Gain Stats on Level Up Not rated
    Actors gain stats on level up depending on their class.
    Tags mrts stats parameters params level up


  • Hurt Sounds Not rated
    Makes actors and enemies play a sound when they get hit.
    Tags MrTS hurt sound sfx
  • Hospital Add-on Custom Costs Not rated
    The Hospital Add-on: Custom Costs provides a more custom cost for Hospital. May requires a bit knowledge about programming for eval.
    Tags YED Menu Heal
  • Hospital Not rated
    The Hospital Core plugin provides a fancy hospital scene for healing with controllable fees. The plugin was made in the most minimal way for future add-ons.
    Tags YED Menu Heal Hospital
  • Horror Menu Customizer 4 / 5
    A menu customizer for developers of Horror RPG Maker made games.
    Tags menu horror game non-rpg menu
  • Hirion - Swim Not rated
    Adding the ability for the player to swim.
  • Hirion - Fall Not rated
    Adding the ability for the player to fall on certain tiles.
  • Hirion - Core Not rated
    Core system for Hirion plugins.
  • HimeWorks - Toggle-able States Not rated
    If you try to add the state and the state is already added, it will be removed instead.
    Tags himeworks states actors enemies
  • HimeWorks - Sync Save Data 5 / 5
    Allows you to "synchronize" game data across different save files and during the title screen
    Tags himeworks events savedata savefile
  • HimeWorks - State Countdown Popup Not rated
    Displays a little popup over your head for the state with the highest priority that displays popups.
    Tags himeworks states sprites enemies actors
  • HimeWorks - Save Title Not rated
    Allows you to customize the title of the game that is displayed in the save file.
    Tags himeworks events savedata savefile
  • HimeWorks - Remove State on Action Not rated
    Allows you to have states removed by performing actions.
    Tags himeworks states actions actors enemies
  • HimeWorks - Random Repeats Not rated
    Allows you to have skills or items repeat a random number of times
    Tags himeworks actions skills items database
  • HimeWorks - Random Encounter Events 5 / 5
    Allows you to run a common event when you run into a random encounter.
    Tags himeworks events troops encounters enemies
  • HimeWorks - Progressive States Not rated
    Allows you to create states where whenever the state is removed due to expiry, a new state will be added afterwards.
    Tags himeworks states actors enemies
  • HimeWorks - Pre-Title Events 3 / 5
    Build your own sequence of events that should occur before the title screen begins
    Tags himeworks events title splash
  • HimeWorks - Overriding States Not rated
    Allows you to create states that will remove other states when the state is added
    Tags himeworks states actors enemies
  • HimeWorks - Multiple Inventories Not rated
    Provides an easy way to manage multiple inventories if you need to switch between them or merge them during the game.
    Tags himeworks inventory parties items gold
  • HimeWorks - More Enemy Drops Not rated
    Allows you to add more drops to an enemy and use percentage probabilities for drop chance.
    Tags himeworks enemies drops items database
  • HimeWorks - Menu Music Not rated
    Allows you to set custom BGM to play whenever the player enters the menu.
    Tags himeworks menu music events audio
  • HimeWorks - Menu Command Manager Not rated
    Customize your party menu! Hide or disable commands at any time!
    Tags himeworks menus scenes windows commands
  • HimeWorks - Level Up Events Not rated
    Fully customize what happens when an actor levels up using events
    Tags himeworks events actors
  • HimeWorks - Large Choices Not rated
    Combines multiple event show choice commands into a single, large list.
    Tags himeworks events choices
  • HimeWorks - Hidden Shop Goods Not rated
    Easily hide shop goods when they shouldn't be seen!
    Tags himeworks shops events conditions goods
  • HimeWorks - Hidden Choice Conditions Not rated
    Allows you to hide choices with a simple event call
    Tags himeworks events
  • HimeWorks - Equip Slots Core Not rated
    Provides you with tools to set up custom equip slots for each actor individually.
    Tags himeworks equips equip slots actors
  • HimeWorks - Enemy Reinforcements Not rated
    Allows you to summon more enemies into the current battle using event commands.
    Tags himeworks enemies troops battles summons
  • HimeWorks - Enemy Equips Not rated
    Allows you to give enemies equips. Provides functionality for managing enemy equips.
    Tags himeworks enemies equips
  • HimeWorks - End Phase Triggers Not rated
    Execute any battle events before the victory or defeat sequences occur
    Tags himeworks events troops
  • HimeWorks - Easy Audio Looping Not rated
    Allows you to specify loop points through RPG Maker without having to use an external audio editor.
    Tags himeworks audio audio looping
  • HimeWorks - Double Cast State Not rated
    Allows you to create a state that will double the number of times skills or items will be used.
    Tags himeworks actions items skills states
  • HimeWorks - Disabled Choice Conditions Not rated
    Allows you to disable individual choices with the eventing you already know how to use
    Tags himeworks events choices
  • HimeWorks - Custom Page Conditions Not rated
    Create your own page conditions for your events!
    Tags himeworks events pages conditions
  • HimeWorks - Custom Death States Not rated
    Additional states that should be considered "death" which will be used to trigger battle defeat or game over.
    Tags himeworks states gameover death actors enemies
  • HimeWorks - Counter After Hit Not rated
    Changes counterattack system so that target may get hit before they counterattack.
    Tags himeworks counterattack battle addons actors enemies
  • HimeWorks - Conditional Choice Text Not rated
    Allows you to dynamically set the text for each choice in your events.
    Tags himeworks events choices
  • HimeWorks - Common Event Queue Not rated
    Allows you to reserve and execute multiple common events correctly
    Tags himeworks events effects common events
  • HimeWorks - Change Battleback Not rated
    Allows you to change battle background images during battle.
    Tags himeworks battles battlebacks events
  • HimeWorks - Battle Weather Not rated
    Allows you to display and change weather effects during battle
    Tags himeworks events weather battle addon
  • Hide Item Quantities Not rated
    Allows to hide specific items quantity number.
    Tags mrts hide not show quantity amount owned possessed
  • Heal on Level Up Not rated
    Set your whole party, or individual actors, to heal HP, MP and/or states on levelling up
  • Heal On Lv Up Not rated
    You can configure the amount healed
    Tags heal lvlup levelup mp hp actor
  • HPDS Throwable Not rated
    Throw your events using the HPDS Throwable tag.
    Tags throw toss
  • HPDS Throwable Not rated
    This plugin lets you make events that can be thrown by the game player
  • HPDS Jump 5 / 5
    A plugin that causes the player to jump when the "ok" button is pressed.
    Tags jump
  • HPCC-Addon to YEP_X_VisualHPBars Not rated
    Adds support for the HP Color Controler on Yanfly's Visual HP Bars.
  • HPCC-Addon for YEP_AbsorbtionBarrier Not rated
    Adds support for the HP Color Control on Yanfly's Absorbtion Barrier.
  • HP MP TP Colors and Names Not rated
    Changes colors and names of HP, MP and TP. Purely graphical.
    Tags mrts hp mp tp color name health mana
  • HP Color Controller Not rated
    Allows developers to customise the HP bar and text Color depending on the remaining HP.


  • Izys Vehicle Radio Not rated
    It's boring when you play the same song when driving? Now it's not with my Vehicle Radio Plugin. You can now randomly change your radio by pressing 'L' or whatever key you want.
    Tags izy vehicle radio vehicle song
  • Izys Unique Item Not rated
    Make your item feel unique with custom name!
    Tags Izy unique item name show
  • Izys Title Motion - Canceled 5 / 5
    This script replace the default title background with my animated one or more familiar with "motion" because it's only for background.
    Tags izy title animated motion
  • Izys Shopping system Not rated
    Make your shop realistic with cart and counter.
    Tags Izys shop shopping system
  • Izys Remove Option Not rated
    Hide an Option window in title.
    Tags izy remove remove option option hide
  • Izys Random Event Location 3.4 / 5
    This script will randomized event location defined by region.
    Tags Izy random location region event
  • Izys Fast Face Not rated
    If you want to show the actor face in message box you need to defined the face every time. With my plugin you can set the face by plugin command and the message box will show the image that you have set without defining the face every time you show messag
    Tags izy face message show text
  • Izys Equipment Manager Not rated
    Tired of limitation? Now you can save, restore, delete all your items, weapons, armors in party's inventory.
    Tags izy equipment inventoy manager
  • Izys Common Event On Load 4 / 5
    This script will excute a command event when load saved game.
    Tags Izy Common Event Common Event On Load Notation announcement
  • Izys Button Common Events Not rated
    This script will excute command events when certain button is press.
    Tags Izys Button Common Events
  • Item and Skill Sort Priority Not rated
    This plugin allows the developer to use a notetag in the database in order to define a custom order for the items/weapons/armors/skills to appear.
    Tags item sort skill sort
  • Item Price Control 5 / 5
    Provides control over item prices in shops via plugin commands
    Tags FELD shop shops price
  • Item Log Not rated
    Logs any items the party obtains
  • Item Combo Battle System Not rated
    It lets you combine items in combat to select skills
    Tags item combination combat
  • Invisible Events In and Out of Range Not rated
    Allows events to appear or disappear depending how close the player is.
    Tags MrTS event opacity alpha fade in fade out appear disappear distance
  • Inventory Categories Not rated
    This plugin allow you to add new categories in your inventory. Also provide a notetag to set the correct category for items, weapons and armors.
  • Integrated Equip Menu Not rated
    Tired of never using two of the four tabs in your item menu? Wondering why the heck they're even there? Well, wonder and tire no more! Now you can actually equip things through the Weapons/Armors tabs in the item menu!
    Tags equip item equipment
  • Instant Text 5 / 5
    Lets you offer the player the option to have message window text appear instantly, instead of one character at a time.
    Tags options text text speed instant text message message speed
  • InputRecorder Not rated
    game system add feature autoplay from user's input
  • Infective State Not rated
    This plugin provides infective feature for states, which is alike to a virus. After a few turns, nearby battlers will be infected by some certain states.
    Tags YED State Infection Virus
  • Icon Menu Not rated
    Changes command based menu into icon based menu.
  • Ib Life System Not rated
    This script allows you to liken your life meter system on the game Ib.
    Tags Graphical Utility
  • Iavra Text Sound Not rated
    Dynamically plays sound effects, while text messages are printed.
  • Iavra Localization 4 / 5
    Allows to store all text content in an external file and switch between languages at runtime.
  • Iavra Gif Not rated
    Allows the usage of animated images (like Gifs), which are present in form of an image strip.
  • Iavra Generic Popup Not rated
    Allows to display generic popups messages on the screen.
  • Iavra Event Popup Not rated
    Allows to display popups messages above events, which can be used for speech bubbles or on chests.
  • Iavra Easing Library Not rated
    JavaScript implementation of Robert Penner's easing functions.
  • Iavra Animate Everything Not rated
    Provides a generic way to animate every float property on every object.
  • ICF-Soft Yanfly show params compatibility Not rated
    Patch to show params in Yanfly plugins
  • ICF-Soft Time Utility Not rated
    This plugin stores date and time in game variables accesible by map events.
    Tags Utility Time Timers MultiTimers Events ICFSoft
  • ICF-Soft Status Menu Not rated
    A status menu where you can organize actor params.
    Tags Status menu params nparams pparams cparams ICFSoft
  • ICF-Soft Skill Core Not rated
    Custom skill conditions, costs and variations.
    Tags Skills Variations Conditions ICFSoft
  • ICF-Soft SRD stat distribution compatibility Not rated
    Patch to use params core stats in srd stat distribution plugin
  • ICF-Soft Params Core Not rated
    This plugin allow to add new full custom params and more x/sparam control.
    Tags params levels nparams pparams cparams new params ICFSoft
  • ICF-Soft Maps Extension Not rated
    This plugin allow to use more than 999 maps.
    Tags maps limit ICFSoft
  • ICF-Soft Main Utility 5 / 5
    A sdk plugin with a lot of functionality making scripting easier.
    Tags sdk json traits subtraits selfswitches mapswitches selfvariables mapvariables tags ICFSoft
  • ICF-Soft Formula Shortcut Not rated
    This plugin adds a lot of usefull shortcuts to use in formulas
    Tags formula shortcut ICFSoft
  • ICF-Soft Event Extension Not rated
    Add more conditions to events giving more flexibility.
    Tags Event Selfswitches Mapswitches Conditions Unlimited Variables Selfvariables Mapvariable ICFSoft
  • ICF-Soft Enemy Troops Extension Not rated
    Allows more conditions to battle events, encounter conditions and to concatenate troops to use more than 8 enemies in a battle.
    Tags Enemies Troops Encounter Conditions Max number Concatenate ICFSoft
  • ICF-Soft Enemy Selection Not rated
    Changes enemies before battle starts. Plus can make an ingame increasing difficult system.
    Tags Enemies Swap Difficulty ICFSoft
  • ICF-Soft Enemies Core Not rated
    Adds new features to enemies like classes, variations and actions for them.
    Tags Enemies Classes Variations Actions Conditions ICFSoft
  • ICF-Soft Element Core Not rated
    This plugin adds an advanced element system.
    Tags elements skills weapons tactical items ICFSoft
  • ICF-Soft Actors Core Not rated
    This plugin gives level up actions and conditional subtraits to actors.
    Tags Actors level up subtraits ICFSoft


  • Jump to Label Not rated
    More flexible Jump to Label command, where the label is the result of a formula
    Tags Event
  • Jays Dualtech System Not rated
    Allows you to create dualtechs and other multi-character techs from composite skills
    Tags Battle skills
  • JK MailSystem 5 / 5
    Create messages and store them in a mailbox
    Tags Mail Message


  • Kill Counter Not rated
    Increments a variable every time a certain enemy is killed
    Tags battle quest
  • Keyboard Text Input Not rated
    Adds keyboard input to the name input scene.
  • Keyboard Input Dialog Not rated
    Displays Text Edit Box on the screen.
    Tags TextEdit
  • KeyBinder Not rated
    Dependency Script
  • Key Item Whitelist Not rated
    Limit how many key/hidden items the player may choose from at a time.
    Tags key items hidden items list
  • Keep Title Music Not rated
    Don't fade out sounds and music on game launch.
    Tags title screen music
  • Keep Moving Not rated
    Allows an event to continue its move route rather than stopping/pausing when you interact with it
    Tags Events
  • Kaus Ultimate Overlay 4 / 5
    Ultimate Overlay Plugin will allow you to add custom images (layers) into your map. (Parallax, Ground, Fog, Light Layers)
    Tags Mapping Overlay Fog Light Parallax Kaus
  • KageDesu RTBS 1 / 5
    Real-time battle system.
    Tags Battle System
  • KageDesu ATBS Not rated
    Active Time Battle System
    Tags Battle System ATBS KageDesu


  • Luminus Status Screen Not rated
    Changes how Character Status is displayed.
    Tags MrTS Status scene screen Luminus
  • Ludo Position Loger Not rated
    Logs the path a user takes while on certain maps and exports this data as a txt(json) file.
  • Ludo Dead Party Member Swap Not rated
    Switches dead party members for reserve party members during battle after a user determined amount of turns.
    Tags Battle System
  • Ludo Actor Command Sub-Menu Not rated
    Allows the user to separate skills into multiple categories to avoid clutter.
  • Looping Animations on Map Not rated
    Loop animations over events repeatedly until turned off - no parallel processing required
  • Localization Not rated
    Localization of game
    Tags DK DKTools DKPlugins Localization Languages
  • Linked Variables Not rated
    Link a variable with a command that will be evaluated when the variable's value is checked
    Tags events
  • Linked Switches Not rated
    Link a switch with a command that will be evaluated when the switch value is checked
    Tags events
  • Limited Sight Ex Not rated
    I know how much we love to make Horror Games for RPG Maker. With this plugin, you will be able to limit the player’s sight or visibility range, to create that seemingly isolated range for your characters.
    Tags Graphical Utility
  • Limited Inventory 3 / 5
    Limits inventory space by item number or item weight.
    Tags mrts limit inventory slots amount weight
  • Limit Item Gain Not rated
    This plugin allows you to set the limits of each item that you can only carry or gain in your disposal.
    Tags Database Items
  • LevelAgnostic Not rated
    Allows enemies to have primary parameters which scale with the party level.
  • Level My TP Not rated
    Max TP = Level.
    Tags tp level
  • LeNotif Closed Captioning Extended Not rated
    Extends LeNotif (notification log) with Closed Captioning support and new features.
    Tags mv notification accessibility closed captioning
  • Lazy Tilesets Not rated
    Import/Export/Copy tileset flags
    Tags Database Tilesets
  • Language Primers Not rated
    Adds (letter-replacement) language learning items, like Al Bhed Primers from Final Fantasy X
    Tags SRCrazy Language Al Bhed
  • Lamontgames Battle Actor Not rated
    Change the maximum actors in the menu and in battle
    Tags menu battle max actor


  • Multicolor HP MP TP Gauges Not rated
    Increases colors used for HP MP TP gauge.
    Tags mrts colors gauge color
  • MultiTouch Core Support Not rated
    Adds Multi-Touch support to TouchInput core scripts.
  • Multi Timers Not rated
    Allow several timers to run at once, with no countdown display
    Tags Events
  • Move Picture - Extended Not rated
    Allows the use of variables and relative values together with Move Picture events, using a simple Plugin Command syntax
  • MouseSystemEx 4.5 / 5
    Set and change custom mouse cursors during gameplay and event interaction; trigger events by mouse click; show icons next to mouse cursor and much more.
    Tags TDDP Mouse Input
  • More Page Conditions Not rated
    Add extra conditions and combinations of conditions to event pages
    Tags Events
  • More Hud Faces - Moghunter Extension Plugin Not rated
    Moghunter's Battle HUD, Party HUD and Actor HUD plugins
    Tags extension moghunter battle hud party hud actor hud face graphic
  • More Escape Codes Not rated
    Additional escape codes for use in message boxes
    Tags Events Show Text
  • More Character Frames Not rated
    Have more than 3 frames for a walking sprite
  • Moogle_X - Traits Extension Bundle Not rated
    Adds plenty of new traits to your game.
    Tags Moogle_X traits
  • Moogle_X - Skill Replace Skill Not rated
    Automatically forget skill when certain skill is learned.
    Tags Moogle_X skill forget
  • Moogle_X - Passive Skill Not rated
    Adds passive skills functionality to actors.
    Tags Moogle_X Passive Skill
  • Moogle_X - No Duplicate Skill Types Not rated
    Remove any duplicate skill types from skill types list.
    Tags Moogle_X skill type
  • Moogle_X - Equipment Learning 5 / 5
    Allows actors to learn skill from equipment.
    Tags Moogle_X equipment learn skill
  • Moogle_X - Equip Skill System Not rated
    Adds equip skill system mechanic to actors.
    Tags Moogle_X Equip Skill
  • Moogle_X - Element Booster Not rated
    Adds new trait that increase or decrease elemental damage output.
    Tags Moogle_X Element Boost
  • Moogle_X - Die At 0 MP Not rated
    Allows certain actors or enemies to automatically die when they have 0 MP.
    Tags Moogle_X Mp
  • Moogle_X - Custom Party Leader Not rated
    Make certain actor to always show up on map as party leader.
    Tags Moogle_X Party Leader
  • Moogle_X - Actors Friendship System Not rated
    Adds friendship mechanic between main character and party members.
    Tags Moogle_X Actor Friendship
  • Moogle_X - Accuracy Overflow 5 / 5
    Accuracy formula becomes (Hit Rate - Evasion Rate)%.
    Tags Moogle_X Accuracy Hit Evasion
  • Mobile User Interface Not rated
    Creates virtual buttons on the screen that interact with touch input.
    Tags virtual buttons touch input
  • Minimum Damage Not rated
    Changes minimum damage from 0.
    Tags MrTS min minimum damage dmg
  • Message Window Hide Not rated
    Define a key the player can press to toggle whether the message window is shown.
    Tags text message message window message hide UI
  • Message Sound Effects Not rated
    Enable sound effects for Message window with added delay between characters.
    Tags se sound effects message
  • Message Sound Effect Not rated
    Plays a sound effect while the message is rolling when displaying a message.
    Tags audio utility message sound effects
  • Menu Music Not rated
    Plays different music in menus.
    Tags bgm music different custom scene
  • Menu Animated Cursor Not rated
    Displays an image as a cursor on windows' selection field. The cursor can be animated.
    Tags lecode menu cursor window animated
  • Meliodas Full Counter Not rated
    Mimics the Full Counter skill by Meliodas in the anime Nanatsu no Taizai.
    Tags Battle Add On
  • Max Save Files 1 / 5
    Allows you to change the maximum number of save files.
  • Max Level Restrictions Not rated
    Allows restricting and lifting actor, class and global max level.
    Tags mrts max level lift restrict limit
  • Max Hp Equals Hp State Not rated
    Allows specific states to make actor’s Max HP equal to HP.
    Tags MrTS state hp mhp health max max health
  • Materia System Not rated
    Materia System
  • Match Card Lottery Not rated
    A scratch-card-lottery-type minigame for your projects. Play and win epic prizes!
  • Map Selection Not rated
    Allows to pick maps to teleport to from a list.
    Tags mrts map area chapter select teleport go to phase
  • Map Nodes Travel Not rated
    Select a node on the map and travel to it
    Tags mrts map node travel teleport transfer
  • Map Inventory Not rated
    Visual Grid Inventory on Map
    Tags inventory items grid map
  • Map Edge Transfer Not rated
    Auto transfer when reaching edges of a map
  • Map Controls Not rated
    Let's face it. You've got your really cool mini-game ideas, and you can't wait to put them together. The last thing you want to bother with is making all the buttons and input methods work correctly.
  • Main Menu Orion 1 / 5
    This plugin allows you to give your menu a new design, look and feel. It gives you the vibe of those RPGs you played, but still gives you a fresh look of your game.
    Tags custom menu system CMS
  • MVCommons Not rated
    Community core library
    Tags Community core Common uses Library Developer's tool
  • MUSH Option System Plus Not rated
    Creates new option and reorganizes the option menu
    Tags menu options screen resolution
  • MUSH Item Collector Menu Not rated
    Creates an item collector scene accessible in the menu
    Tags item collector item collector menu
  • MOG BattleCry Actor to Actor Item Not rated
    Purifies hell-demons and allows you to have the sound file being played depend on from whom, to whom the item is being used
    Tags Battle Utility
  • MBS - Visual Equipment Not rated
    This plugin displays specific images on game characters depending on what items they are equipped with.
    Tags visual equip
  • MBS - Sound Emittance 2 / 5
    Allows you to set an sound emittance for events with 3d positioning and distance
    Tags sound emittance 3D sound
  • MBS - Smooth Scroll 5 / 5
    Makes the map scroll smoother
    Tags map effects
  • MBS - Mobile DirPad Not rated
    This script creates a DirPad and an action button for touch
    Tags mobile
  • MBS - Map Zoom 4.5 / 5
    Makes it possible to zoom in and out the game map
    Tags map effects
  • MBS - DLC Not rated
    Implements a DLC system that uses .zip files to add resources and stuff to your game without needing to rebuild it.
    Tags dlc
  • MBS - 8 Direction 5 / 5
    Just another basic diagonal movement plugin, made it for using with MBS - Mobile Dir Pad but it works alone as well.
    Tags movement


  • napkins move out of range Not rated
    Events also update out of the players range
    Tags range event move update out of range autonomous mv napkin player sight
  • napkins State Dependent Faces Not rated
    Have different faces for actors, when states are active.
    Tags napkin plugin face state image graphic change states
  • napkins Main Menu Controller Not rated
    Control the main menu commands dynamically
    Tags napkin menu main control dynamically command plugin hide show options game end
  • Novel Message Plugin Not rated
    An upgrade of the Kadokawa DLC Plugin 'NovelMessage'.
    Tags Message Utility NVL Mode
  • Notifications System Not rated
    Draws some notifications according to in game events. Like gain gold, change exp, level up, ect.
    Tags Lecode notification map
  • Non-Combat Menu 5 / 5
    Fully customizable menu geared toward less battle-oriented games.
    Tags menu
  • NoItemCommand Not rated
    Allows the creation of actors who cannot use items.
  • No file needed 5 / 5
    No file needed - testing...
  • No Item Categories Not rated
    Removes category list from Item menu
  • Nio Simple Max Actor Not rated
    Permit to add more battle member
  • Nickname Changer 4 / 5
    Changes your character's nickname in game.
    Tags custom scene
  • New PluginCommand Method Not rated
    A more pratical way to manipulate plugin commands.
    Tags core plugincommand command commands
  • NeMV - Utilities Not rated
    This is a set of JavaScript helper methods for various aspects of RMMV. Some items will only be available with the proper plugins installed, but no extra plugins are required in order to use it.
    Tags nemv javascript utilities
  • NeMV - Tags Not rated
    This plugin allows actors, enemies, classes, skills, states, items, weapons, and armors to be tagged and those tags to be easily retrieved via script.
    Tags nemv tags
  • NeMV - Tagged Action Count Not rated
    This plugin allows the counting of certain actions to be tied to their tags, and optionally, for those tags to be bound to variables in your game.
    Tags nemv tags counters variables
  • NeMV - State Resources Not rated
    Grants the ability to quantify states and use them as resources via YEP - Skill Core-friendly notetags.
    Tags nemv state resources yanfly extension
  • NeMV - Quantities Not rated
    This extension plugin adds the ability to specify a quantity of a particular item drop within YEP-EED’s standard notetags. This allows you to consolidate loot notes, as well as ensure blocks of items are actually delivered.
    Tags nemv yep extension drops
  • NeMV - On Step Effect Not rated
    Allows your actors' states to perform JavaScript evaluations as you walk on the map.
    Tags nemv state map move
  • NeMV - On Map Load 4 / 5
    This plugin gives you a simple notetag eval on your maps that will run when the map is loaded.
    Tags nemv map load eval events
  • NeMV - Class TP Rename Not rated
    Allows classes to customize their HP/MP/TP displays.
    Tags nemv rename class hp mp tp
  • NeMV - Battle Action Messages Not rated
    This plugin allows your skill and item messages to be customized in the moment by writing JavaScript eval() code in the item or skill's notebox.
    Tags nemv skill item battle log messages
  • NeMV - Actor Equip Points Not rated
    Provides a point-based equipment system with the help of NeMV Tags and YEP - Equip Requirements.
    Tags nemv tags equipment
  • Name Map Once Not rated
    Don't display map name on transfer unless you leave the map.
    Tags map transfer display name


  • OrangeWeather Not rated
    A Weather System that uses Orange Time System
  • OrangeTimeSystemVariables Not rated
    Exports Orange Time System data to variables
  • OrangeTimeSystemEvents Not rated
    Allow you to configure common events to be called when the time system changes
  • OrangeTimeSystem 5 / 5
    Adds a full featured time system on your game
  • OrangeScreenshotSaver Not rated
    This plugin will automatically create a PNG image everytime the player presses the "printscreen" key
    Tags Orange Hudell Image Screenshot NWJS Node Windows
  • OrangeRegionNames Not rated
    Will let you configure a different name for each region and then display this name every time the player enters the region.
    Tags Orange Hudell Region
  • OrangeRegionCollisions Not rated
    Will let you configure passability using regions
  • OrangePathfinding 5 / 5
    This plugin will improve the speed of the default pathfinding process
    Tags Orange Hudell Pathfinding Mouse Mobile Touch
  • OrangeOnLoadEvent 5 / 5
    Will trigger a common event after loading the game
  • OrangeNoteTagToSwitch Not rated
    Will automatically turn a switch on or off based on map notetags
  • OrangeMoveCharacterTo Not rated
    Adds Pathfinding support for all characters inside or outside move routes.
  • OrangeMapshot 5 / 5
    This plugin will export the map to image files
    Tags Orange Hudell Mapshot Parallax Map
  • OrangeMapChangeEvent Not rated
    Will trigger a common event every time the player is transported to a new map
  • OrangeLighting Not rated
    Adds some light effects to your game
    Tags Orange Hudell Light Night Day Flashlight Latern
  • OrangeHud Not rated
    Creates a custom HUD based on your settings
  • OrangeEventManager Not rated
    This plugin is used by other plugins to register event listeners.
  • OrangeEventHitboxes Not rated
    Will let you configure custom hitboxes for your events
  • OrangeDayAndNight Not rated
    A Day and Night system that uses Orange Time System
  • OrangeCustomEvents Not rated
    This plugin Will let you add or copy events to the current map
  • OrangeCustomEventCreator Not rated
    This plugin Will let you create virtual events with script calls
  • OrangeChangeSaveFileName Not rated
    Will let you configure a different name for your save files
  • OrangeAutoSave Not rated
    Automatically save the game on map transfer
    Tags Hudell Orange Save
  • Orange Overlay Not rated
    Add overlay images to your maps
    Tags Orange Overlay Parallax
  • Orange Mouse Data Not rated
    Will save the mouse information on variables and switches
    Tags Orange Hudell Mouse Variables
  • Open Shops Not rated
    This plugins allows player to open a shop for a single item instead of going into whole shop scene with multiple items. Also allows to see whether item was bought or not and set an image for it.
    Tags mrts open shop item weapon armor image switch
  • Only Sound Options Not rated
    Remove "Always Dash" and "Command Remember" options.
    Tags options visual novel Sly
  • Ocarina System - Legend of Zelda Not rated
    This plugin allows you to create musical pieces using the Ocarina and conjure different effects via common events.
    Tags Custom Scenes Audio Utility Event Plugin Graphical Utility Gameplay Utility
  • OcRam_Passages Not rated
    This plugin uses region IDs to determine a player 'floor level'. Even autotiles are drawn ABOVE players (if player is on lower ground).
    Tags passage hidden secret door way bridge behind autotiles passages autotiles above behind autotiles


  • Proximity Background Sounds 5 / 5
    Enables event dependent background sounds which can automatically adjust volume and pan.
    Tags Event Sound Audio
  • Progress Title Screen Not rated
    Changes title screen image according to highest game progress among the savefiles.
    Tags MrTS progress title screen change save
  • Pretty Sleek Gauges Not rated
    Show actor and enemy HP bars in a flashy way! Supports enemy hp and mp gauges.
    Tags enemy hp bar gauge sleek gauges pretty sleek gauges
  • Preloader Core Not rated
    This plugin allows developers to preload specific audio and images before running the game through a new pre-title scene.
    Tags SumRndmDde preload images audio
  • PreloadManager Not rated
    Preload resources on map load (in between map transfers) or even on game startup to ensure resources such as pictures, music and sound effects are preloaded and guaranteed ready to go for player interaction.
    Tags TDDP Preloading
  • Prefab Not rated
    Create reusable events.
    Tags events productivity
  • Preemptive-Surprise Event Battle Not rated
    Allows to make evented encounters have preemptive and surprise encounters.
    Tags event encounters
  • Portraits 4 / 5
    Adds portraits to Actors in the BattleStatus window. Finally!
    Tags portrait face battler actor
  • Popups 5 / 5
    Shows popups on item/gold get. Or custom ones on demand.
    Tags mrts popups
  • PlayerVsEventPosition Not rated
    This plugin compares the position of the player and an event, as well as their distance.
    Tags rmmv detect stealth up down left right event player position distance
  • Player Notepad 5 / 5
    This plugin creates a new scene where the player can create, modify, and delete notes. The player uses their keyboard to type the notes, and all notes are saved along with the game's save file.
    Tags notepad notebook player notes
  • Pixelate Battle Transition 2 / 5
    Creates a pixelate battle transition.
    Tags Transition Battle
  • PixelPerfectCollision Not rated
    Allows to check if two sprites had collided
    Tags sprites extension developer tool
  • Picture Motion 5 / 5
    Creates a set of frame by frame animation based on counters.
    Tags Graphical Utility Soulpour777
  • Pickboard - Lotto Type Item Picking Not rated
    Allows players to pick rewards from a board of tiles and costs some currency – be it gold or items.
    Tags mrts lotto type reward rewards item gold tile unknown rng
  • Persistent Data Not rated
    Saves switches and variables to a persistent save file.
    Tags Jackkel switches variables persistent
  • Perks Not rated
    Actors get perk points on specific levels when leveling up or on every level up.
    Tags MrTS perks
  • Percent Equipment Stats Not rated
    Allows for items to have percentage stat increases.
    Tags MrTS equipment equip percent percentage increase stat param parameter
  • Pay to Save - Lunar Blue Not rated
    Makes the player pay to save the game.
    Tags Gameplay Utility
  • Passive Skills Not rated
    Allows skills to give passive bonuses to actors.
    Tags mrts passive skills skill bonus buff
  • Party Manager Not rated
    Allows to change members in party.
    Tags mrts party group actor manager change
  • Parameter Tables Not rated
    Allows you to use spreadsheet software to maintain parameters for classes
    Tags HimeWorks parameters database actors classes spreadsheet csv
  • Parallax Utils Not rated
    Create multipurpose parallaxes to beautify your maps.
    Tags parallax drdhoom map
  • PMFx - Picture Motion Effects Not rated
    Creates Easing, Spring and Sine Jump motion for your pictures.
    Tags Graphical Utility
  • PH - Warehouse Storage 5 / 5
    This plugin allows the creation of warehouses where you can store items in the game.
    Tags scene storage warehouse
  • PH - Video Title Not rated
    This plugin allows you to put a video at the background of the Title Screen instead of a static image.
    Tags title video
  • PH - Swap Party Not rated
    This plugin allows you to swap the leader of the party by pressing a key in your keyboard.
    Tags keyboard swap party
  • PH - Sprite Reflection Not rated
    This plugin allows you to reflect any character on the water.
    Tags map graphics sprite
  • PH - Quest Book 4 / 5
    This plugin allows the creation and management of a quest book.
    Tags quest book journal
  • PH - Menu Item Book Not rated
    In this version, you can also choose whether to show the Item Book on the menu.
    Tags menu item


  • Quicksand Not rated
    Allows regions to sink players and events in.
    Tags MrTS quicksand
  • Quick Save Prompt 4 / 5
    This plugin allows you to prompt the save scene with a key when you’re inside the map.
    Tags gameplay utility
  • Quest Log 3 / 5
    Tracks quests, awards players for completing them.
    Tags quest log system tracker
  • Quasi Params Plus Not rated
    Params Plus includes a few new parameters and lets you create new parameters that you can use and modify.
    Tags parameters


  • rubyfy.js Not rated
    Make your life in javascript easier -test plugin-
  • Rune Skills Skill System Not rated
    A different way of using skills. Combine runes to form epic spells!
    Tags skill system rune
  • Rune Factory HUD Not rated
    Creates an adjustable HUD like Rune Factory style.
    Tags HUD Graphical Utility Soulpour777
  • Rock Paper Scissors EX 2.5 / 5
    This plugin allows you to make a custom mini game of Rock Paper and Scissors in your game.
    Tags Mini Game Soulpour777
  • Retry Upgrade Not rated
    This plugin takes players to a new scene after retrying a battle. It allows users to manage skills, equips, options, etc.
    Tags SumRndmDde game over retry
  • Retain State on Death Not rated
    The Retain State on Death plugin allows users to create states that are not removed on killed. For example, Zombie state cannot be removed on death!
    Tags YED State Death
  • Retain Level on Class Change Not rated
    Whenever you change class, it feels like a cheat when you change class and return to level 1 after so much time grinding for experience when you are on the other level. I don’t like that. This snippet plugin allows you to retain your level when you change
    Tags System Utility Classes
  • Restore HP MP TP Not rated
    Allows actors, classes, weapons, armors or states to restore HP/MP/TP after winning a battle or leveling up.
    Tags mrts restore hp mp tp
  • Respawn Event Not rated
    Allows adding timers for events to respawn
    Tags respawn event
  • Region Transfer Not rated
    Transfers player when stepping on a region.
    Tags MrTS region transfer map
  • Region Common Trigger Not rated
    Adds region condition to triggering Common Event
    Tags trigger regions common events
  • Refresh Manager Not rated
    allows you to change the status of specific plugin.
    Tags RefreshManager
  • ReferByTitle Not rated
    Clone events by [[linking]] their title
    Tags events clone EvilCat Utils spawn
  • RedHatAugust - Q and A Not rated
    This plugin gives the option to ask a question and have the user type an answer to check. The string validation can be used to affect switches (off/on) for both correct and incorrect answers.
    Tags event switch conditions string validation question answer type typing text
  • Ready to Rumble Not rated
    Support Rumble Mode in Your MV Game Projects
    Tags controller gamepad rumble
  • Rare Enemies Not rated
    Adds a chance of encountering rare versions of enemies.
    Tags MrTS chance enemy change rare version shiny
  • Random VFX for Skills Not rated
    Allows skills to have multiple possible animations
    Tags Graphical Animations Battle
  • Random Enemies Not rated
    Randomizes specified enemies into other ones.
    Tags Random Enemy
  • Random Dialogue Not rated
    Sometimes you just need NPCs to say random stuff. Not completely random, per say, but for example, let's say you have an NPC who shares rumors with the player. As long as said rumor is unlocked, you don't care which rumor the NPC cares to share.
  • Random Battle BGM Not rated
    Play a different bgm every battle.
    Tags Audio Battle
  • Random Actor and Enemy Names Not rated
    Allows you to have actors and enemies randomly select names from a user-defined list.
    Tags FELD utility actor enemy random names
  • Ramza True Dual Wield 5 / 5
    A dual wielding plugin for rm mv
    Tags ramza battle damage skill action sequence dual wield
  • RMV - Item Icons Menu Not rated
    Changes your Item Scene with only icons and its numbers!
    Tags Menu Add-On
  • RMV - Camera Scroll EX Not rated
    Creates a camera that chases both player and events.
    Tags gameplay utility camera


  • Synchronize Variables with Items Not rated
    This plugin will synchronize the value of a variable with the inventory count of a certain item/weapon/armor, making sure that they are always the same.
    Tags synchronize synchronize items
  • SuperOrangeMovement 5 / 5
    Improves the movement system with pixel movement, diagonal and much more.
    Tags Orange Hudell Pixel Movement Diagonal Collision
  • Super Tools Engine 5 / 5
    This plugin is the core of all maker-style plugins; it adds a playtest editor that can be opened with F12 while playtesting.
    Tags SumRndmDde external editor window
  • Summon Core Not rated
    This plugin allows developers to create skills that summon Actors into the player’s party using various parameters.
    Tags SumRndmDde summon battle
  • Summon Battler Images Not rated
    This plugin allows summoned Actors to use static battler images as opposed to side-view Actor battler images.
    Tags SumRndmDde summon battle
  • Summon Actor Not rated
    Summon single actors to temporarily replace the party.
    Tags summon utility battle
  • StringInput Not rated
    Input string variables via reworked Naming screen
    Tags input EvilCat Utils
  • Stealth Not rated
    Allow stealth missions
  • StatusMenuCore - Bonus Page Not rated
    Plugin extension for the StatusMenuCore plugin
    Tags status menu
  • StatusMenuCore 4 / 5
    Replaces the original status window with a much more robust, customizable version.
    Tags status window menu
  • Static EXP Not rated
    Makes every level require same amount of EXP. Enemies give exp depending on actor level.
    Tags MrTS static exp
  • State Change Animations Not rated
    Plays an animation when a state is added or removed.
    Tags himeworks states animations actors enemies
  • State Add Remove Commands Not rated
    Allows you to execute commands when states are added or removed
    Tags states events battles
  • Stat My TP Not rated
    Control max and starting TP as character stats by command or script.
    Tags tp stats parameters
  • Sprite Zoom Not rated
    Zoom events, the player and follower sprites!
    Tags Aramis Zoom Sprite Aramis-IX
  • Soul Ultimate Title Screen Not rated
    Are you tired using the same title screen plugin over and over again with your multiple RPG Maker MV games? Are you tired seeing the same particle system and design overused in your games? Introducing Soul Ultimate Title Screen, the plugin that would allo
    Tags cusom title screen title screens
  • Sneeze Not rated
    This plugin allows you to do the Sneeze technique of Chupon / Typhon.
    Tags Battle Add On
  • Smooth Camera 5 / 5
    Gives the camera of your game smoother motion during gameplay and specific camera motions.
    Tags SumRndmDde camera
  • Smart Pathfinding 5 / 5
    Make a player or event find their own way to the specified destination
  • Sleipnir Mapping Overlay System Not rated
    A plugin designed to aid mappers on Parallax Mapping and Map Design.What does it do?
    Tags parallax mapping map effects
  • Skip Video 5 / 5
    Allows to skip movie playback with enter or escape key
    Tags video hack
  • Skip Title Not rated
    Skips the title screen
  • Skip Party Command Not rated
    Skips Party Command Selection.
    Tags Battle Add On
  • Skill Time Reaction Not rated
    This plugin gives user a moment to press confirm button. Pressing Confirm when button appears, gives user state which lasts until end of action.
  • Skill Shop 3 / 5
    This plugin provides a skill shop for buying skills with many custom costs.
    Tags YED Skill Shop Menu
  • Skill Extender Not rated
    This plugin allows developers to create skills that prompt players to make a second input after the original skill input.
    Tags SumRndmDde skill folder Earthbound
  • SimpleShift Not rated
    Shift event graphic by few pixels, nothing more.
    Tags events graphics
  • SimpleCrafting 1 / 5
    Provides an easy to use Crafting system to allow crafting through game events.
  • Simple Title Screen Not rated
    Changes title screen by making commands images and adding Press Start before command window appears.
    Tags mrts title screen
  • Simple Skill Replace Not rated
    Remove old skills when learning new, powerful skills.
    Tags remove replace skill
  • Simple Skill Leveling Not rated
    Skills change to their stronger or different versions after X uses.
    Tags MrTS skill level change upgrade
  • Simple Shop Tax Not rated
    Allows easy way to change prices for whole shop items at once.
    Tags MrTS shop tax price change
  • Simple Save Load Screen Not rated
    Shows faces instead of character sprites and adds 4 lines of things.
  • Simple Mercenaries Not rated
    Allows player to recruit mercenaries that last for X battles or until they die.
    Tags MrTS mercenary hire actor
  • Simple Map Destination Graphic Change Not rated
    Changes the white destination square when you click on the map. And can disable it's animation through plugin manager.
    Tags mrts map destination graphic image change replacement
  • Simple Land Vehicle Not rated
    Allows you to drive/ride a vehicle on land.
    Tags Vehicle Boat
  • Simple Item Tracking Not rated
    Show trackable items/variables in menu above gold window.
    Tags item variable track tracking tracker
  • Simple Item Sell Price Not rated
    Allows to simply define item’s sell price in it’s note field.
  • Simple Follower Control Not rated
    Allows you some control over your followers.
    Tags Followers Move Route
  • Simple Event Fade Not rated
    This plugin adds the ability to make events fade in or out over a set duration of frames much more easily than having to repeatedly set the opacity over and over again.
    Tags Eventing Events Simple
  • Show Enemy HP 5 / 5
    Show enemy HP
    Tags hp enemy battle show hp
  • Shaz Diagonal Movement Not rated
    Port of Shaz' script for RGSS3 to JGSS
    Tags diagonal movement movement
  • Shall Not Pass Not rated
    Stop player or event movement by command or switch.
    Tags movement controls events
  • Shadowed Characters Not rated
    Change characters' tint when moving through shadows.
    Tags shadows EvilCat Utils graphics
  • Sequence Message Bust Not rated
    Allows you to show animated message busts.
    Tags Message System Soulpour777
  • Sentry Integration Not rated
    Provides automated error reports via Sentry
    Tags crash reports Sentry error reports
  • Sensor SelfSwitch 3 / 5
    This plugin activates a self switch when a player is in a certain proximity of an event.
    Tags sensor selfswitch event Lyson
  • Select Item Plus Not rated
    More uses for the Select Item command
    Tags rmmv utility
  • Secret passage Not rated
    Create secret passages simply and easily via map regions.
  • Screen Manager Not rated
    Provides a way to change the resolutions for your game.
    Tags Resolution
  • Screen Flash Option Not rated
    Adds an option to enable/disable screen flashes on the options menu.
  • Scene Shop Skuld Not rated
    Changes your Scene Shop ala Recettear, with other plugin only features.
    Tags Custom Scene Custom Shop Coulpour777
  • Scene Battle Results Not rated
    This plugin allows you to have a separate battle results that can show you the result / aftermath of the battle.
    Tags battle add-on
  • Scene Backgrounds Not rated
    Allows to change specific scene backgrounds.
    Tags mrts scene background menu
  • Save Screen Tint Not rated
    Lets you save the current screen tint and later restore it
    Tags map events
  • Save Items Not rated
    Saves items and reclaims them.
    Tags save hold claim reclaim get items item all
  • Save Event Position Not rated
    Override event position set in editor, to allow an event to be placed on any tile next time the map is loaded
    Tags Events Maps
  • Salvage Items Not rated
    Allows players to salvage unneeded items and get something back.
    Tags MrTS salvage items dismantle destroy resources
  • SUB_BattleVisuals Not rated
    Change several actor-related visual aspects on the battle screen
    Tags battle screen status
  • SUB_BattleFormation Not rated
    Add a fifth member for battles and change the party's battle formation both visually and stat-wise
    Tags party battle formation stat change battle screen
  • SSG Map Reference Event Not rated
    Set events from current or another map as reference and use them across all of your maps.
  • SSG Item Sort Not rated
    Sort your items, equipments, and skills to your liking
  • SSG Difficulty Setting Not rated
    Have difficulty configuration that affect enemy (stats, gold, experience), price, and switches
  • SSEP BattleSpeedUp 4.5 / 5
    Tags Battle
  • SGS Stats Not rated
    Add custom stats to actors and enemies
    Tags stats gameplay


  • Tyruswoo - Camera Control Not rated
    Allows greater control of the camera.
    Tags Camera Scroll
  • Turn and Move 5 / 5
    In the Pokemon games, it allows you to turn to the direction first before you actually move to that certain direction. This plugin emulates that certain effect.
    Tags Movement System utility Gameplay utility
  • Turn In Place Not rated
    Allows the player to turn in place before moving.
    Tags turn move
  • TroopEmergeMsg Not rated
    This changes the message when a troop emerges from "Bat emerges!" (using enemy name) to "Cloud of Bats emerges!" (using troop name).
  • Transition History Not rated
    Keeps a list of player transition positions in order from least to most recent.
  • Transfer and Steal States Not rated
    The Transfer & Steal States provides skill effects where user can steal target's states or transfer his own states to target.
    Tags YED State Transfer Skill
  • Traffic Light Management Not rated
    Makes traffic lights stop vehicles automatically
    Tags rmmv traffic traffic light
  • Trade Shop Not rated
    A new shop system for trade.
  • Track Shopping 5 / 5
    Tracks player gold spent and earned by buying and selling at stores. Great for achievements!
    Tags mv tracking shop
  • Tracery 5 / 5
    A generative grammar system for the built-in dialogue
  • Toggle Event Page Not rated
    Temporarily disable (or re-enable) a page on an event
    Tags event
  • TitleVideo 5 / 5
    Add video to your game's title scene!
    Tags title video
  • TitleShutdownCommand 5 / 5
    Adds a Shutdown command to the title screen
    Tags Interface Shutdown Title Screen
  • Title Slogan 5 / 5
    Add a subtitle from a random pool.
    Tags title screen title
  • Title Picture Choices 5 / 5
    This plugin gives developers the capability to add animated pictures as choice commands for the title command window.
    Tags SumRndmDde title command pictures
  • Timer Upgrade Not rated
    This plugin gives developers move control over the visual and mechanical aspects of the game’s timer system.
    Tags SumRndmDde timer map common events
  • Tile Changer Not rated
    Change individual tiles, or copy tiles from elsewhere on the map or from other maps
    Tags map tile
  • Threat System Not rated
    Enemies attack the actor with the highest threat.
    Tags Target Battle Threat
  • Thomas Edison MV Not rated
    A customizable lighting system for RPG Maker MV.
    Tags Lighting System Graphical Utility
  • Text to Icon Not rated
    Instead of drawing text, this plugin will drew an icon instead for specified texts. You also can specify in which scene this plugin will be applied.
    Tags message text icon convert
  • Text Input Window Not rated
    Simple Text Input Window
    Tags text input
  • Testing upload Not rated
    Testing upload - ignore
    Tags test tag1 tag2
  • Terrax Puzzle system Not rated
    Moveable objects and pressure plates
  • Terrax Lighting System 4.3333333333333 / 5
    Creates a dark map with lightsources
  • Term Window Not rated
    Allows a popup help window to explain game "terms" (names, places, events, etc.) while and only while a message box (dialogue) is open. A prompt specifying what button to press to toggle help displays atop the messagebox. Data is loaded from JSON. A term
    Tags mv rpgmaker mv dialogue terms popup
  • Talk To Follower Not rated
    Allows the player to talk to a follower/party member.
    Tags talk to follower party member
  • Tales of Vesperia Custom Menu System Not rated
    This plugin converts your default menu to the Tales of Vesperia Menu Style.
    Tags Custom Menu System CMS Custom Scenes
  • TSR_Title Not rated
    Customizing options for the Title Screen
  • TSR_TextColorAddOn.js Not rated
    Easily add custom text color codes to use with \C[x]. Also give the option to add a color gradient effect on text and change the text outline color, all using \C
  • TSR_Save Not rated
    Revamp the Save and Load Scenes
    Tags Save Load autosave
  • TSR_Popups Not rated
    Add visual features to battle popups
  • TEXT Extractor 5 / 5
    TEXT Extract from event
    Tags TEXT Extractor
  • TAA_BookMenu Not rated
    Creates a menu for books containing additional game lore (or whatever you want them to)
    Tags Menu Book TAA


  • Usable Weapons And Armors Not rated
    Allows players to use armours and weapons from their inventory
    Tags inventory weapon armor menu
  • Universal Remote Control Not rated
    Search Engine, Mass Data Retrieval, Mass Self Switch/Variable Setting
    Tags rmmv utility remote control
  • Undead Not rated
    Reverses healing <==> damage for undead characters
  • Ultimate Sensor Event Not rated
    Filename to save: UltimateSensorEvent.js | A system of sensor, which allows for differents types of forms of the events, to "fell" the presence of player.


  • Vehicle Music Fix Not rated
    Changes how music and vehicles work.
    Tags MrTS vehicle music bgm fix
  • Variables Range Not rated
    Allows you to limit the values of variables in the specified range
    Tags DK DKTools Variables Limit
  • Variable Mix BGM Manager Not rated
    Allows you to transition between related music tracks
  • VPS - Virtue Metre Not rated
    Creates the Eight Virtues akin to Ultima 4.
    Tags Graphical Utility Gameplay Utility
  • VPS - Party and Followers Fix Not rated
    Fixes how many followers you can show and how many battle members you can show.
    Tags Gameplay Utility Followers Actors Party
  • VPS - Message Wrapper Not rated
    A very effective message wrapper.
    Tags System Utility Message Wrapper Word Wrapper
  • VPS - Dynamic Weather System Not rated
    An extended weather system for RMMV with different effects and behaviors.
    Tags Graphical Utility Advanced Weather
  • VPS - Blood Mage Not rated
    Creates a custom class that spends HP for skills instead of MP.
    Tags Battle Add-On Blood Mage Classes


  • Wuxing Minigame Not rated
    A kind of elemental rock-paper-scissors.
    Tags minigame
  • Word Wrapping Not rated
    The Word Wrapping plugin helps users to make message or description without worry about the wrapping, which mean the long text will be broken line automatically.
    Tags YED Word Wrapping Message
  • WebLoad Not rated
    Controlled data loading from non-standard sources
    Tags data EvilCat Utils
  • Weapon Sprites Enhanced Not rated
    Gives you many more options for weapon sprites.
    Tags weapon sprites
  • Weapon Proficiency 2 / 5
    Can change armor and weapon effectiveness, by type, for each Actor or Class
  • Waypoint System Not rated
    Creates a waypoint system / fast travel system for your game, for which you can travel to any available locations on your game.
    Tags custom scene waypoint
  • Wave Filter Not rated
    Apply the wave effect to the sprite by using the Fragment Shader.
    Tags Wave Sprite Shader
  • WaitForVideoEndFix Not rated
    Fixes the bug where the event continues his instructions before the video finished playing
    Tags fix video
  • WAY_StorageSystem Not rated
    Create different storage systems where the player can store his items.
    Tags mv way storagesystem itembank warehouse
  • WAY_DamageFormulaMacros Not rated
    Define macros for damage formulas.
    Tags way damage formula macros
  • WAY_CustomOnEquipEval Not rated
    Run code when an actor equips or unequips an item.
    Tags way eval lunatic code equipment
  • WAY_CustomFaceImageEval Not rated
    Set different face images using Lunatic Code.
    Tags way custom face image lunatic mode


  • YouTube Player Not rated
    Start playback of the YouTube video.
    Tags YouTube
  • YR New Parameters Not rated
    Allows you to add customizeable new custom params to your actors and enemies.
    Tags params custom custom stats stats custom params


  • zHUD.js Not rated
    A Zelda-esque HP HUD Plug-In
    Tags Zelda RPG Maker MV HUD zHUD dismal_science__ Caethyril RMMV HP
  • Z_Core Not rated
    Advanced Features & Utilities for Plugin Developers & QoL Updates
    Tags plugins developers notes touch input touch mouse utilities
  • Z_BattleMath Not rated
    Advanced damage formulas, Zodiac-Based damage, Map-Based Damage, dice roll damage & more.
    Tags zodiac terrain element dice touch disable damage formula damage battle
  • ZE - Key Mapper 3.75 / 5
    ZE Key Mapper allows you to use the full keyboard in your game. Rebindable keys will be available in the future.
    Tags Full Keyboard Keyboard wasd movement change controls controls input