This site is an attempt to create a common platform for all plugin developers of RPG Maker MV.
Our goal is to provide to all the people a common place, and a nice API to search for plugins.

This idea comes from the MV (no so) secret team

At the moment, this site is mantained by this four people:

If you need something, or want to give some feedback please feel contact us.
We love the idea to improve this to make it a great place to search for plugins.

The MV Secret Team


v0.2.0 - Running since November 7th, 2015, 2:30am EST (UTC - 5)!

  • Password resets have been added! Sorry this took so long ^^;
  • Profiles have been completely redesigned!
  • User Avatars are still based on Gravatar (no way to upload your own at the momeny, sorry)!
  • We've got a nice Favicon!
  • The icon for no user profile has been changed to a silhouette of our favicon!
  • Added the changelog (I almost forgot this one, as I made the changelog)!

v0.1.0 - The original beta version (ewwww)!

  • We were put online! That's pretty cool!