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Zoom events, the player and follower sprites!

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This script allows users to control the zoom-level for character sprites; events, the player and followers. The available SCRIPT calls are listed below.

SCRIPT calls for SpriteZoom

SpriteZoom.zoom(ID, zoom); SpriteZoom.zoom(ID, zoom, duration); SpriteZoom.zoom(Id, zoom, duration, zoom_y); SpriteZoom.zoom(ID, zoom, duration, zoom_y, duration_y);

**ID is the ID of the event in question**
1-9999  = Event number on the map.
0   = Your player.
-1  = Follower 1.
-2  = Follower 2.
-3  = Follower 3.

NOTE: If no ID is passed to the script, the default ID is 0 (i.e.: the

**ZOOM is a percentage**
1 equates to 100%.
0.5 to 50% (half the size).
2 to 200% (double the size).

NOTE: Negative zoom values flip the sprite on its axes; the default x-axis is the sprite's centre, and the default y-axis is the sprite's bottom.

The duration value allows you to create a zoom animation over-time. It can be an integer that is 0 or higher.

When only one 'zoom' value is specified, it assumes both the x and y dimensions will be zoomed proportionally. The same can be said for duration.

You can specify separate zoom behaviours (zoom and duration) for each direction by passing in additional arguments.


The code above will reset the player to 100% original size in 0 frames.

SpriteZoom.zoom(0, 2, 120);
The code above will zoom the player 200% in 120 frames.

SpriteZoom.zoom(-2, .5, 30, 1);
The code above will shrink follower 2's width by 50%, while maintaining
their height over the coarse of 30 frames.

SpriteZoom.zoom(23, 0, 200, 1.35, 250);
The code above will shrink event-23's width to nothing over 200 frames 
while stretching their height 135% over 120 frames.
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