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Allows you to set custom number or percentage stats at the Actor, Class, and Enemy level. These stats can be increased and decreased by weapons, armor, states, and items by using the appropriate notetags. They can be accessed inside of damage formulas.

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If you use the default status window, these custom stats will not show up. If you desire this behavior, I recommend using JawsUF's StatusMenuCore plugin.

The ability to increase and decrease custom stats automatically upon level up/down will be made available in a future update of my Level Up Bonuses plugin.


Set a stat to an actor, class, or enemy, and use that stat in damage formulas just like the standard stats!

If a class has a stat and an actor is a member of that class, the actor uses the class' value unless they have one of their own!

If a stat hasn't been set on a specific actor/class/enemy, it will default to 0 or if using a percentage stat, 100%.

Increase and decrease custom stats by equipping weapons and armor, applying states, and consuming items!

Use the Eval feature to make these stats even more dynamic!

How to Use

Add the plugin in your game and view the help information. It describes the notetags and all the crazy modifiers you can use. See the examples and neat examples section for more information.



statName - The name you want to reference this stat with. statValue - The default value of your stat. Must be a number. Options - You can append a percent sign (%) to the end of statValue to have it calculated as a percentage (statValue * 0.01) Weapon/Armor/State/Item You can also eval the statValue by surrounding your code with $(): For more information on eval, check the plugin's help documentation.
Available versions
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

User reviews (1)

Aviose 3

04/04/2016 08:31:41

Has major issues with level based progression in setting up stats. On Actors, using $(a.level*10;) for the eval screws up the formula and won't let the game load, and on classes, it assumes the level is 0.