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Restrict equipment based on class, actor, other equipment, level, variables, switches, and evals.

Tags equipment equip weapon armor restrict


Allows you to restrict a piece of equipment by actor ID, class ID, stat (mhp, atk, cri, pdr, etc) minimum value, stat maximum value, other weapon equipped, other armor equipped, switch on/off, variable minimum value, variable maximum value, and a custom Eval option.


Restrict equipment based on a multitude of factors! Set multiple restriction groups on a single item. If one of the groups' restrictions is met, the item can be equipped!

Request the opposite of any setting! Instead of equipment being limited to Actor #1, it can be any actor except Actor #1! Just prefix your restriction with an ! Eval any ID, Variable, or Switch value by surrounding it with $()! Use a custom Eval command to check for a true or false result!

How to Use

Add the plugin in your game and view the help information. It describes the notetags and all the crazy modifiers you can use. See the examples section for more information.


A group of restrictions is contained between the tags. You can have more than one group of restrictions per equip, and the actor only has to meet one set of restrictions. If you want multiple restrictions to be met, use a single group instead.

If desired, you can prefix any Restriction with an !. This will cause it to check the opposite of what you specify. If you use it with Actor: 1, for example, anyone but Actor 1 can equip the item.

You can also replace anything after : with Javascript code inside of $(), like so: Actor: $(yourFunction() ;)

You can even combine the two: !Actor: $(yourFunction() ;)

Below is all of the available options:

LevelMin: X - Minimum level. LevelMax: X - Maximum level. Class: ID - Actor must be class ID. Actor: ID - Actor must be this ID. Weapon: ID - Actor must be wearing this weapon. Armor: ID - Actor must be wearing this armor. StatMin(Symbol): X - Stat Symbol must be at least X. StatMax(Symbol): X - Stat Symbol must be at most X. Switch(ID): On/Off - Switch ID must be on/off. VarMin(ID): X - Variable ID must be at least X. VarMax(ID): X - Variable ID must be at most X. Custom: $(codeHere) - Run some Javascript.

For more information on eval, check the plugin's help documentation.

Examples Let's make an Evil Sword that anyone but our Paladin, Actor#1, can equip:

!Actor: 1

Next, let's make a piece of armor that someone can only wear at level 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10:

LevelMin: 5 LevelMax: 10

Building on that, let's go all out. The following example will allow any class but class#1 to equip it as long as their atk is high enough, variable#6 is at least 10, and switch#4 is turned off:

!Class: 1 VariableMin(6): 10 Switch(4): off Lastly, we'll check to see if an actor has state#3 using the eval feature: Custom: ($a.states().indexOf(3) !== -1;) Legal Free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects with credit. A free copy of the finished game would be nice, but is not required. Credit and Thanks - Bobstah
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