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Set up Individual TP Maximums for characters and their classes.

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Have you ever needed to give your characters separate TP Maximums? Have you ever needed to activate or deactivate that maximum based on the value of a Switch? Or their Class? This plugin handles that. By adding a few simple Note Tags, you can change your Actors' Max TP to be always set, set if a switch is on, set by a class, or set by a class if a switch is on. And if, for some reason, the default Start-of-Battle TP doesn't suit you, you can set a per-actor Initial TP value!


  • Set Actors' Max TP individually

  • Turn on or off the Actor's altered Max TP depending on the value of a Switch

  • Have unique Max TP values based on an Actor's Class (on a per-Actor basis)

  • Turn on or off the Actor's unique Class-based Max TP

  • Set Actors' Start-of-Battle TP to any valid JavaScript function

How to Use

Place this plugin near the bottom of your Combat Plugins. If you have any plugins that modify how TP works, place this plugin below them.

The only things that this plugin might interfere with are plugins that change Max TP. While I made it a point to alias and call the Prototype maxTp() function, if you're using any of the Max TP note tags that function won't get called if the Note Tag changes the Max TP. (If you set it up so that a Switch sets Max TP and the switch isn't on it will use the aliased tpMax() function so the default function will only never be used if the switch is on or there is no switch to check).

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This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

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Tygoro 4

11/22/2016 11:46:29

demo please! or screenshots! great idea!