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Allows players to use armours and weapons from their inventory

Tags inventory weapon armor menu

This plugin allows using weapons and armours from the inventory menu, like items. A common event is called when the player tries to use an armour/weapon.

To make the armour/weapon usable, add the <common event id: 1> tag to its notes (replacing 1 with the ID of the desired common event).

This tag is also available in other languages:

  • <номер общего события: 1>
  • <нумар агульнай падзеі: 1>
  • <номер спільної події: 1>

This way of using armours and weapons is only available on the map (not in battle). Otherwise, the weapons and armours are normal weapons and armours and can be equipped.

Idea from goodrusha’s topic on Released into public domain according to CC0 public domain dedication.


A screenshot showing an usable item among the weapon tab

Also available for VX Ace

There is also a version for VX Ace called GRB_UsableWeaponsAndArmors: GRB_UsableWeaponsAndArmors.rb.txt. The description is in Russian, but it basically works in the same way as the MV version. It is public domain (CC0), just like the MV version.

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