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Allows the use of variables and relative values together with Move Picture events, using a simple Plugin Command syntax


This plugin allows you to use variables and relative values with Move Picture events via an intuitive and simple Plugin Command structure. Very useful for mini-games and picture-based menu systems.


  • Easy Plugin Command structure where properties can be in any order, and omitted properties are given their current values as defaults.
  • Supports relative values "+" and "-", modifying the existing value by the amount given
  • Supports variables for values, even for the picture's ID. This enables complete dynamic handling of Move Picture events.
  • Integrates and works with TDDP_AnimationCurves. You can use its Plugin Command like you would with MV's built-in Move Picture event command, or use the property "curve:" to set them both in one!
  • Does not overwrite or change MV's internal Move Picture functionality; this is just another interface to it. Therefore compatibility should be as high as possible.

How to use

Use the following Plugin Command structure:

MovePicture <id> <property:value>

For example, to move a picture's X position without altering its other properties, simply write:

MovePicture 1 x:500 duration:45 wait


You can use variables as property values. For example:

MovePicture 1 x:v1 y:v2 duration:v3

This would use variable 1 for x, variable 2 for y, and variable 3 for duration. Variables can be used for all properties, even the picture id:

MovePicture v1 opacity:v2 duration:60

Relative values

If you want to set a property relative to its current value, you can do that too. For example:

MovePicture 1 x:+100 y:-50 width:+25

Both "+" and "-" are supported.

You may have noticed "duration" was omitted here. It falls back to MV's default of 60 when omitted.

See the Help section of the plugin for more information.


  • Tor Damian Design / Galenmereth


Released under an MIT License (free for commercial use)


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