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Additional states that should be considered "death" which will be used to trigger battle defeat or game over.

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Video: https://youtu.be/s56kl3HIGGM


In RPGMaker MV, the default death state is the first state in your database. When this state is applied, a battler (enemy or actor) is considered to be dead.

During battle, when all enemies have the death state applied, the actors are victorious. When all actors have the death state applied, they will be defeated.

Outside of battle, if all actors have the death state applied, game over.

But what happens if you wanted other states to be considered death states? For example, if all actors are petrified, then the game ends. Or if all actors fall asleep, then the game ends.

This plugin allows you to designate additional states as "death" states. Unlike the normal death state, actors won't lose all HP/MP, but they will still be considered dead.

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