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Allows you to add more drops to an enemy and use percentage probabilities for drop chance.

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RPG Maker MV allows you to create up to three item drops for an enemy. When the battle is over, the player may receive up to any of these 3 items.

When you specify drops, you use something called a "denominator" probability, which is basically you specifying the chances of the item dropping as a fraction of 1.

For example, if an item had a 1 /2 chance to drop, then it has a 50% chance to drop. If an item had a 1 / 3 chance to drop, then it has a 33.33% chance to drop.

Unfortunately, with this system, you could never have any probabilities in between.

This plugin addresses two issues:

  1. You can specify more drops
  2. You can specify probability using percentages

This should give you more flexibility when designing your enemies. Give this plugin a try!

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