HimeWorks - Pre-Title Events 3 / 5


Build your own sequence of events that should occur before the title screen begins

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RPG Maker MV gives you a nice title screen, but it doesn't give you much control over what should happen before the game goes to the title screen.

For example, you might want to show some splash screens, or perhaps an introductory video.

With this plugin, you can easily put together what should happen before the title screen using events that you are already familiar with.

Because it is an event, you can do basically anything you want!

Available versions
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

User reviews (2)

DetectiveBlueMask 5

04/15/2016 05:58:52

Works flawlessly.

Moonweb Studios 1

01/25/2016 10:24:05

Wish I could leave 0 stars, Your plugin has compleatly fucked my 50+ hours of work on my game, I cannot acces the title screen to load a save at all, I cannot even once the plugin is disabled. it simply goes to the first map, overrides my character start position so the game is not even playable, i cannot recover this i have tried deleting the .js file, turning the plugin on and runnig just the SceneManager.goto(Scene_Title) script. thanks again for fucking up all my hard work. please noone download this it is a scam and it will ruin your project. this is not the first time I have had a problem when using himeworks plugins. i will never use one again.