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Allows you to create states where whenever the state is removed due to expiry, a new state will be added afterwards.

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vjzhg36GqU


Do you have states that automatically change into other states after a certain amount of turns or actions have elapsed?

For example, you have a Doom state that counts down every turn, and when the countdown reaches 0, the battler will automatically die.

Or perhaps you have a Poison state that will worsen if it’s not treated, and after walking around for 50 steps, the poison state automatically turns into a deadlier poison state.

Or perhaps you have a Frozen state that prevents the battler from moving, but if it gets hit by any damage, it will immediately die.

This plugin allows you to set up your states so that when the state is removed automatically, new states will be added.

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