HimeWorks - Random Encounter Events 5 / 5


Allows you to run a common event when you run into a random encounter.

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In RPG Maker, you can set up your maps so that the player will randomly encounter enemies. You can choose what enemies will be present on the map, what regions they will be available in, how often they will show up, and so on.

During the game, the player can then explore your maps and randomly encounter enemies.

However, what happens if you wanted to have some more control over the random encounters? What if you wanted to increment some variables depending on what you encountered? Or perhaps give the player a chance to skip the encounter by pressing a certain sequence of buttons in time!

This plugin gives you the tools to apply your eventing knowledge towards random encounters as well.

When the player runs into a random encounter, a common event of your choice will execute, before the battle begins.

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This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

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Jackus 5

11/14/2015 11:14:07

Loved it in Ace, glad it's finally on MV :P