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Allows you to use spreadsheet software to maintain parameters for classes

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In RPG Maker MV, you have eight basic parameters to work with for your actors

  • Max HP
  • max MP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Magical Attack
  • Magical Defense
  • Agility
  • Luck

Parameters are managed for each class, and your actors' parameters are determined by their current level along with their current class.

However, the only way to manage your parameters is through the editor, and the editor does not support

  1. Custom parameters that you would like to use in your game
  2. Levels beyond 99

This plugin provides you with a way to manage all of your parameters as external tables which you can edit using text editors like notepad, or more sophisticated spreadsheet software like Excel.

You can set values for parameters individually for every level between 1 and 99, as well as levels beyond 99.

You can also set values for any custom parameters that you may have in your game, though you would first need a plugin that provides custom parameter functionality.

By maintaining your parameters externally, you should have more control over your game than before.

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