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Define a key the player can press to toggle whether the message window is shown.

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This plugin lets the player toggle whether or not the message window is shown, by pressing a key.


  • Lets the player get a better look at your beautiful graphics in cutscenes.

  • Developer can configure what key is used to toggle.

  • Plugin command allows game events to turn message window back on - can be used to help with forgetful players wondering why they can't see NPC dialogue.

  • For even more foolproof design, a config option lets the developer have the message window automatically return on each new page of text.

How to Use:

Should be straightforward plug&play. Key that activates the feature is configurable as a parameter. I'm not aware of any bugs or compatibility issues.

Terms of Use:

  • Free for commercial and non-commercial use.

  • Please give credit in a trivially accessible place.

  • OK to modify, but if you redistribute the modified version, please make clear that you modified it, and how.

  • If you add features that could be useful to others, please at least consider sharing them with the community.
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