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Adds durability of weapons/armors.

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This plugin adds Minecraft-like durability to weapons/armors.
It's very simple how durability is calculated :

  • When you are attacked, your armor loses durability.
  • When you attack, your weapons lose durability.
After your weapon/armor loses all durability it cracks and you don't have it in equips anymore.

Version History

Version Description
1.0.0 Initial release
1.1.0 Added possibility for durability increase


Weapon and Armor notetag :

  • <durability:x>
    This sets initial weapon/armor durability to a certain value.
    Example : <durability:1>
    Weapon/Armor in which this is put has durability 1.
    If no durability is specified, item is indestructible.
Item and Skill notetags :

  • <durability_use:x>
    This sets how many durability points are losed when this is used.
    Example : <durability_use:10>
    If this Item/Skill is used by actor, he loses 10 durability on his
    weapons. If this Item/Skill is used by enemy, actors which are attacked
    lose 10 durability points on their armor.
  • <durability_increase:[equips] increase>
    This sets how much durability will be regenerated.
    [equips] - numbers separated with one space that modify which equips
    will that increasing effect.
    increase - if it's a number it'll specify by how much will your equips
    regenerate durability. It can be also set to "MAX", and then it'll
    just set your durability to max value.
    Example :
    Notetag : <durability_increase:[1 2 3] 10>
    This will increase durability for your Weapon, Shield and Head by 10.
    Notetag : <durability_increase[2 3 4] MAX>
    This will set durability for your Shield, Head and Body to maximum.

Compatibility :


    • <None>


    • Game_Action
      • apply
      • useItem


    • <None>
Available versions
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

User reviews (3)

Linne 4

06/26/2017 06:44:30

Even if the durability decreases the item will not disappear just because the equipment is disconnected.

kholyphoenix1 4

12/29/2015 10:20:42

Hmm, interesting ElementalWorks!

ElementalWorks 4

12/02/2015 02:54:30

Is there a way you could change it to have a way for us to see how much Durability is left? Or am I just blind?