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Allows boost of attack to actors on skills with certain element

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This plugin allows boosting skills with specified elements.
You can boost them based on Actor/Enemy that is using it, Actor's class, Weapon/Armor that Actor is using or state that is currently applied to Actor/Enemy.
Made as a request for this

Version History

Version Description
1.0.0 Initial release
1.1.0 Added possibility for multiple elements


Actor, Enemy, Class, Weapon, Armor and State Notetag
<element_boost:elementId boost>
When actor uses a skill with iD equal to elementId (you can find
element iDs in Types section in Database) the value of the attack will
be multiplied by boost.
If you put it in Actor notetag, that actor will have the boost.
If you put it in Class notetag, actors with that class will boost.
If you put it in Enemy notetag, that enemy will have the boost.
If you put it in Weapon/Armor notetag, actors that equipped that
Weapon/Armor will have the boost.
If you put it in State notetag, actors with that state
Example :
Notetag : <element_boost:1 100000>
Result : All attacks with element Physical will have damage value multiplied by 100000.

If you want multiple elements, you should write it like this :
<element_boost:elementId1 boost1
elementId2 boost2
elementId3 boost3
Example :
Notetag : <element_boost:1 100
2 200>
Result : Physical element will boost attacks 100 times, and Fire 200 times.


Detected incompatibility with YEP_DamageCore.
If you are using YEP_DamageCore you should download this plugin instead.


    • Game_Action
      • multiplyElementBoost


    • <None>


    • Game_Action
      • makeDamageValue
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This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

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