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Allows adding timers for events to respawn

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This plugin was requested here.
It turn some self-switch ON and after specified amount of seconds turn it back OFF.
It can be used for on-map battles, where your enemy when killed starts a timer and then after specified amount of seconds it "respawns"

Version History

Version Description
1.0.0 Initial release

Plugin commands

You have one plugin command :

  • KockaRespawnEvent start_timer
    Example :
    Command : KockaRespawnEvent start_timer 60 A
    Result : It'll set Self Switch A to ON.
    Then, you can make an empty page with condition: self switch A, and your event will look as dead, until 60 seconds passes.
    The time can pass even if you are not on the map where event died, that means that between battles you can get some cookies :)


Incompatibility with [this plugin](


    • Game_EventVariable
      • initialize
      • clear
      • value
      • setValue
      • decreaseAll
    • Game_Event
      • startTimer


    • Game_Event
      • update
    • Game_Map
      • update
    • Game_Interpreter
      • pluginCommand
    • DataManager
      • createGameObjects


Available versions
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

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