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Michael Dionne

Adds portraits to Actors in the BattleStatus window. Finally!

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Introduction Adds portraits to Actors in the BattleStatus window. Finally!

Features -Compatible with Ellye's Simple ATB plugin and MrTS_BattleCharacterLimit. -Compatible with or without TP. However, if using with ATB AND TP, the battle commands window at left will be shorter vertically than the battle status window at right. This is not problematic, just esthetic. I will try to make a new parameter that can be enabled to fix that automatically.

I tested it with 4, 6 and 8 Actors (thanks to the plugin) :) I suggest placing this plugin AFTER all others, but you can experiement and let me know if there are any issues. Note: Actor Quantity parameters does not mean that my plugin adds more battlers during battles. By default this is for 4 battlers, however to be compatible with MrTS_BattleCharacterLimit, set it to the same value as the "Max Characters" value of that other plugin. Note: I need to shorten the parameters descriptions, they are too long. But the important informations are still visible.

How to Use Just save the .js file into your js/plugins folder, and add it in the Plugin Manager.

Demo Not necessary.

Credit and Thanks

  • Michael Dionne
  • McSundae (Enhanced Battle System)

100% free for any use, have fun. Just mention our names somewhere in your credits, show me what you'll make with it, and send me a free copy of your game once finished!! :)

Author's Notes More options (parameters) coming soon. If any problem, please report and I will do my best within my free time.

Available versions
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

User reviews (1)

LunarF0x9590 4

01/12/2020 10:06:12

Very good Plug-In. I. Enjoyed it, very much. I just have one request... Please Make an Extension to this Plug-In that allows Actor Portraits Visual Status to change with HP Percentage. I.E.... When your Actor Reaches let's say 50% HP The Picture has like a ripped sleeve or. Perhaps several cuts, on his face. I'm making a game that could really use that in it. And it seems as though no one will make it... I would but I have no CODING and SCRIPTING Experience whatso ever.