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Add video to your game's title scene!

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Place the video files for your target platforms into the project's "movies" directory and this plugin will automatically select the video file using the same criteria RMMV uses to determine video compatibility on the current platform.

Make sure the Video Name parameter has the filename WITHOUT EXTENSION. For example, if you have a video named "TitleMovie.webm" in your movies folder, the Video Name parameter should be set to "TitleMovie".

RMMV currently supported movie formats are .webm and .mp4. So for wide distribution you should include both file types.

Width and Height can be set to "auto" (window dimensions), "video" (original video dimensions), or a specific number.

For Playback Rate, Values between 0 and 1 cause the video to play in slow motion. Values greater than 1 play in fast forward.

See PIXI.js documentation for compatible blend modes: http://pixijs.download/dev/docs/PIXI.html#.BLEND_MODES

See http://www.color-hex.com/ for hex color samples if you want to modify the tint for the video sprite

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Akanekochi 5

07/12/2017 06:10:18

A good variety of options compared to previous similar kind of plugins I've used. Simple to install and use.