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Clone events from a 'base' map to replace 'placeholder' events on the game map

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UnsungGhost 5

01/19/2018 02:02:44

I needed this to create alchemy resources in the world map. Common Events weren't working because they don't come with images or multiple event pages You could use nested if-thens for the pages(which gets very messy), but I don't know about the event images. Since each of the alchemy resources reset after 2 days based on a global time, this plugin was perfect. Each cloned event is a new instance of the original, meaning it can have its own self-switches and even global timer. The one bug I noticed was that if you were using a different tileset from the original, then it take the tile in the same place, which might not be correct for that map. Very small thing that's not too hard to get around. The one limitation that I noticed was that there seems to only be one map that you can use for the base events. Normally that should be more than enough, but I have my test maps organized so that Terrax lighting events and alchemy are on different maps. I would like to use multiple maps for different effects. This just means that I'll need to organize them all on one map, which isn't too big of a deal. If you're looking object-oriented map events, this is the perfect plugin for you!