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GameFocus allows you to have the game pause the audio and/or the game processing when the game is out of focus.

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The GameFocus plugin allows the developer to disable Audio, Game processing, or both items when the game is no longer in focus. This allows games to have well-timed cutscenes that won't get out of sync if the user clicks out of the game window, like in the previous makers.

Available versions
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

User reviews (2)

AndreFidalpheus 5

10/18/2018 06:01:05

andry5ury4, in order to fix that freeze, use the DisableTAB plugin from Andrefpvs:

andry5ury4 5

03/29/2017 03:15:06

Love this one.. but everytime I click "tab", it freeze the game could you fix it?