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Adds support for multiple battle and riddle difficulty levels! UI functions based on Atreyo Ray's ARP_InGameManual.js

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Adds support for multiple battle and puzzle difficulty levels! Note that this plugin focuses on providing a framework for battle and puzzle difficulty levels, and a scene for selecting the difficulty level (Options menu was way too simple). Difficulties can set any number of switches and variables to specific values, perma-death and ironman support is built-in to the plugin. Unlockable difficulty levels are also supported.

With no additional code, battle difficulties will not affect combat. But, when combined with custom states, this can be used to set passive states that activate when a given battle difficulty is active to modify player or monster stats. The extent of these states are up to you.

For puzzles, you will need to manually specify how puzzle difficulty conditions affect your puzzles and hints. This is left for manual use because of the sheer range of possibilities.

GameSwitches and GameVariables can be used to restrict the attacks monsters use for lower difficulty levels. Naturally, as with all other variables and switches the limit of their potential uses is up to you.

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This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

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