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Makes traffic lights stop vehicles automatically

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Traffic Light Management

by Dahlys

Introduction and Features

Makes traffic lights stop cars the lazy way.

Traffic lights are incapable of stopping anyone else (player/non-vehicle events). No need for plugin commands/script calls. Vehicles will be blocked automatically when a specified Traffic Light self switch is ON.

How to Use

You Need:

Traffic lights that alternate colors based on self-switches.

RoadBlock events (empty pages, only their event names are important) that block vehicles.

Plugin Parameters:

Vehicle Names: car,bus,truck would have any event with names containing car, bus, or truck stopped at RoadBlock when the relevant traffic light is red.

Traffic Light Names and Road Blocker Names: Tell the plugin the traffic light name that is connected to each type of roadblock. e.g. Traffic Light NS makes RoadBlock NS stop cars when it is red.

Terms of Use

Free to use for commercial and non-commercial games. Credit Dahlys. I'd like a free copy if it's a commercial game, though.


This plugin overwrites the default script call .canPass. It should not affect any .canPass function unrelated to traffic. The plugin will conflict with others that alter .canPass. If it does, contact me, we can try to resolve it together.

Author Notes

This plugin was written on Skurge's request, without whom it wouldn't exist.

Available versions
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

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