Game_Stailer94s Quest System 5 / 5


Quest system based of gameus one, many features


Simple UI to keep track of quests

Friendly commands to track/complete/fail/reset/count/progress/etc. quests

Auto rewards upon quest completion (optional)

Quest categories (optional)

Custom Words for EVERYTHING

Colors (Right Window only, see Screenshots)


Can be added to old saves (not recomended, can still lead to errors)

One Download, all you need included

Fail/Success Quest Steps independ

Newline Support in Description and every other text field

Support for Yanfly's Message Core

Change Font and Font Sizes

Display Steps out of Order

Auto Update on Window and Mac

Quest Editor!!

for more see RPG Maker Forums

Available versions
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

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Tygoro 5

11/22/2016 12:54:40