Izys Random Event Location 3.4 / 5


This script will randomized event location defined by region.

Tags Izy random location region event

This script will locate the event at random position specific by region.

Available versions
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.
This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

User reviews (6)

Mydeza 4

04/15/2017 03:58:05

Getting a "cannot read property x of undefined... It worked, but now it doesent. Probably me that is messing up, but can you help?

piotruk22 4

06/17/2016 06:48:48

Awesome plugin but the events do not keep their randomised position after leaving and coming back to the map they're in and Yanfly's Save Event Locations plugin doesn't help.

izyees (Author)

06/06/2016 10:36:34 (older version review)

Thanks for the feedback. Update it to v1.01 now! :D Sorry but there's no particular reason why must using a notetags. Can you explain more?

cacarama 4

02/13/2016 01:13:38 (older version review)

Plugin very useful! Thank you! Any chance of being possible an event does not overlap with another after randomization?

Mojo907 4

01/12/2016 01:40:20 (older version review)

Really, 1 star?! This plugin is great, helps add randomness to the respawn of events within my dungeons. Works just great with plugin command, and surely shouldn't be voted 1 star just because it doesn't use notetags....

Animebryan 1

01/07/2016 06:04:35 (older version review)

Is there anyway to have this work with notetags instead of relying on plugin commands?