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Make your shop realistic with cart and counter.

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With this script, you have an ability to make a shopping system. Take and put item in your cart around the map and pay in the counter. You can event put back the item you don't like. Let's make your game realistic with this plugin! You can see how it works in the video (external llink) that video is just a sample. If you want more, download the demo (link given in description) Don't forgot to like and subscribe! Subscribe to get my latest plugin update! Subscribe for how-to shopping! Please give a suggestion what you want the shopping looks like and I will make a tutorial of it. Maybe you want to start shopping when you grab a cart? Maybe you want to make a system where you can steal the item from the shop? Maybe an order system where you can order an item and it'll be send later? Please share your Idea! View Cart plugin is in my to-do-list where you can view an item in your cart and a receipt.

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