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​Extends the functionality of what a conditional branch can check. ​Read the plugin's help for more information.

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Conditional Branch+

OK for use in all projects with credit

In the past, if you wanted to see if the player has more than 10 potions in their inventory, you would have to open up a new event and do the following:

Control Variables > Variable 1 > Set > Game Data > Item "Potion" In Inventory > OK > OK > New Line > Conditional Branch > Variable 1 is > Greater than or equal to > "10" > OK

How tedious! If only there was a simpler, more efficient way...

Well. Look no further. Lazy- er, efficient people, rejoice! For the future is now, and with Conditional Branch+, you can replace that lengthy process with one that looks like this:

Conditional Branch > Script > "Check.has_more(1, 10)" > OK


  • No longer do you need a bazillion nested conditional branches to check if the player has multiple items! Check.has(list of item ids) does that for you.
  • No more must you abuse the else branch to see if the player has either one item or another! Check.has_any(list of item ids) does that for you.
  • And the above apply for switches and variables as well, along with much, much more.


  • On a conditional branch, go to the fourth tab and select the "Script" option.
  • Type in desired thing to check. A full list of functions can be found in the plugin's help.

VIRUS! oh noes (no offense raymi, this is meant to address legit concerns)

I wrote this thing from the ground up, I'm absolutely sure there aren't any viruses in the plugin... If you don't trust me, you can see the source code here: This plugin is intended to help you and make things like setting up quests and stuff easier.

If that doesn't assuage your fears (or you can't tell what the heck the plugin is doing), there's not much more I can do to convince you. Your computer often marks files (specifically, zip files with lower download counts) as viruses since it can't scan inside its contents very well, or just marks script files of any kind as viruses. This is especially true if you're running Chrome or some antivirus like McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials, or Avast. Of course, it's always good to be careful with stuff you download from the internet, but keep in mind that there is a such thing as a "false positive".

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raymi100 3

07/01/2016 02:42:39

I tried to download this file, but when I did, my computer detected a virus and deleted it...