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Advanced damage formulas, Zodiac-Based damage, Map-Based Damage, dice roll damage & more.

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The Core Plugin (Required, Included):

The Core plugin is boring, it's only real user-centric feature is the ability to dynamically disable/enable touch input. You can disable/enable it in the Plugin Manager and then you can re-enable/disable it in-game simply by calling a simple JavaScript function. Aside from that it has utility functions for the BattleMath plugin (and any other plugin I make). It also has 2 useful functions for extending the core RMMV prototypes without actually having to paste the native code into yours (which is good to do when you can, if there's ever an update to the core JS files it won't break your code).

Update: I have added several new features related to utilities and metadata, the help file contains relevant documentation.

The HTML Event Wizard Plugin & jQuery (Required for Optional Extras, Included):

In order to properly give players the option to customize their zodiac system I needed to be able to update the zodiac variable on-the-fly after the .JSON files were loaded so this extremely simple event-based plugin became necessary. If you don't want to customize your zodiac experience or ZBM Settings (the Yanfly equivalent is "Lunatic Mode" I believe) then you don't actually need this plugin or jQuery. jQuery has to be added to your index.html file if you're going to use it. You can get the latest one here: https://jquery.com/download/

But you can also use the version that comes with my plugin to be 100% sure it's compatible and I've tested it.

The BattleMath Plugin Key Features:

A Final Fantasy Tactics style Zodiac system. Just give Actors and enemies tags like and then enable the feature in the Plugin Manager. They'll get damage bonuses/nerfs based on their sign. Also, for fun, I implemented the Chinese zodiac animals so you can enable that system instead.

  • Elemental Damage Bonuses via Map Notes: You can add tags to your map like to cut fire damage by 25% or to boost ice attacks by 25%. You can also use the nullify tag () to reduce a specific element's damage to 0.

  • Innate Elemental Bonuses for Classes: Have a shared skill pool but a class with an elemental affinity? Give your class a tag like and that class will get a damage bonus when using Element #3.

  • D&D Style Dice Roll for Damage: Instead of using a more traditional damage formula, you can use D&D/Pathfinder style dice rolls. Just call the special method inside your Damage Formula box (in the Skills window) like this: DiceRoll("3d6+5"); or use the advanced roll & add your stats or custom stats as a bonus: SuperDiceRoll(a, b, "2d4+4 + ");

  • 4 Reusable Damage Functions: The biggest feature is actually the set of custom damage functions I've implemented. Instead of putting formulas in every Damage Formula box in your skills, you can simply use one of these 4 functions and an attack power. You can also adjust which stats are used for offense and defense in the parameters in the Plugin Manager. And you can also do custom functions with some of the extra new things I've made available during Damage Eval. The formulas are formatted like so:

    PhysicalDamage(dmg, 100, true);

That would use the Physical Damage formula (which uses a.atk and b.def for offense/defense by default) with a power level of 100 and the "true" allows it to use the map notes to boost elemental damage.

Known Issues

UPDATE: Fixed issue where Element required element ID, you can now use the element name too.

I'm currently working to remove the need to put "dmg" at the beginning of all your damage formulas. It's unnecessary as there are easily ways of extracting this variable into another place. The next release should have simpler damage formula functions.

Hopefully I can get some previews up soon. It's all math so it's behind the scenes, there's not a whole lot to screenshot. Maybe I will develop some of the features into more unique plugins on their own like an entire Zodiac system with visual display or animated dice rolls for the D&D Dice roll damage. The documentation should cover most of it, please let me know how I can improve documentation or features.

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This version doesn't have plugin dependencies.

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