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Advanced Features & Utilities for Plugin Developers & QoL Updates

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Plugins and scripting are what I like best about RMMV so here I'd like to share my core plugin. This plugin started out really being more for internal use as it is 99.9% for Developer use but I think it's worth sharing and it will grow a LOT as I work on other plugins. I chose the name Z so it would show up at the bottom of my plugin list and I hadn't seen others do the same yet. I will happily rename if someone already had the same idea.

Terms: This is free to use and modify as you see fit. I only ask that if you make a huge improvement you share it with me so I can update my code too!

User-Oriented Features: Right now there is only one feature you can mess with from the RMMV app in the Plugin Manager menu: Touch Enable/Disable. You can now dynamically disable/enable touch input in-game and you can decide whether it's on or off at the beginning with the parameter in the touch menu. To turn it off in-game you simply have to run a simple script from an event that changes a JavaScript variable to true or false.

Developer Features: This is the bulk of this plugin. These are features intended to help other plugin designers with their code.

  • Conversion Utilities: I've added some simple utilities for converting "XX%" strings into decimals (e.g. "10%" becomes 0.10), grabbing an element's ID or Name using one or the other, converting values to booleans (e.g. 1, "on", "yes", true", etc. become true, anything else becomes false) and merging/cloning JavaScript objects. 

  • Extension Utilities: I have also written a few functions that allow you to extend the core RMMV objects without having to copy/paste their native code into your plugin. You can write a function that runs before or after the core function you're extending or you can even write a function that returns true or false and only allows the core function to run if it evaluates to true. Not everything can be extended this way but it's especially useful when you just want to tack on functionality to existing core functions. 

  • Metadata Upgrade: I discovered that the Data Manager actually attempts to store note tags in a "meta" object by default. Unfortunately it was horribly rudimentary and didn't match a lot of the popular paradigms I see plugin makers use. I upgraded this feature so that it could process more advanced notes AND I added a meta() function to the Game_Actor and Game_Enemy classes so you can also access metadata (notes) in the damage formula.

Metadata Upgrade Screenshots & Examples

I wrote documentation in the help section of the plugin and above the functions themselves but I also created a few screenshots so you can see just what the Metadata Upgrade actually does. This Imgur Gallery gives you a step-by-step example:

Metadata Tutorial Imgur Gallery

Additional Info: This plugin is a precursor to a Battle Math plugin that's far more developed and relies on this for some of it's functionality as well as an HTML Event Wizard plugin that is useful for asynchronous stuff and HTML Events.

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