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Allow stealth missions

This is a very complex plug-in which supports Stealth missions, as well as event Patrol routes (which Stealth missions often need).

In essence, enemy Events have two senses: Vision and Hearing.

Vision checks several factors besides distance. First is relative tile brightness between it and the party--someone in a darkened area can more clearly see someone in a brighter area and vice versa. Vision also requires a Line of Sight --- no non-passable tiles between the Event and Player. Obviously, a fast moving party draws more attention.

Hearing is a bit simpler and checks the distance and a base noise level --- parties are louder when moving, twice as loud if Dashing. The tile the player is standing on may make the noise louder (think stone) or softer (carpet).

If desired, each Event may have a unique Detection Skill Level which makes them more or less perceptive.

Also, Actors, Classes, Items and States may modify the Brightness (Vision) or Loudness (Hearing), such as a "Muffle" spell, loud clanky armor or an invisibility cloak.

Note that all of these modifiers stack by multiplication, so changes should be small in most cases.

Finally, this plug-in also supports an on-screen gauge to indicate how strongly the events notice the player.

If an Event gets a high enough detection score, it will start Searching for the player. The event's Self-Switch C is turned on. If the detection score is high enough, Self-Switch D is turned on. In either case, an Event will stop Patrolling until it cools down (i.e. enough turns pass with the detection score below the Search threshold)

The gauge shows the highest detection score of any patrolling Event.

Note, creating good Stealth missions often requires a great deal of fine-tuning.

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